The XRP rate increases by 11% and exceeds USD 0.33. Meanwhile, Ripple announces another partnership in recent days, this time with BRD, a popular cryptographic portfolio with several million users worldwide.

XRP is climbing up

On Wednesday, the third largest cryptocurrency, XRP, finally exceeded the long-awaited $0.30. At the moment, the price of XRP is USD 0.33, which means an increase of over 11% over the last 24 hours and the highest level since August last year.

Today, this is by far the best result among the leading altcoins, as none of the 50 biggest coins has managed to achieve a bigger increase.

The XRP community had been expecting this recovery for some time, especially after the coin exceeded $0.25 at the beginning of the month and continued climbing. Since the beginning of the month the growth has already reached 38% and since the beginning of the year 71%.

What is behind this increase? On Wednesday, information appeared that the Binance. USD exchange launched a pair of XRP / USD in its newly launched mobile application – this may be one of the factors that caused the coin price to rise. Yesterday the media also circulated information about Ripple’s new partnership with the National Bank of Egypt (the largest in the country), and today information about XRP support from the cryptographic portfolio of BRD, which has several million users worldwide.

Ripple development continues

As reported by Ripple on his blog, XRP is the latest addition to BRD’s cryptographic portfolio – formerly Bread. It is one of the oldest and most user-friendly wallets on Android and iOS. BRD now allows users to buy XRP directly from the wallet and offers cheaper rates than alternative token purchase options.

The new partnership can be of great importance for the company’s token, as the BRD wallet is used by more than 2 million users in over 170 countries. Moreover, XRP will be one of the first currencies in the new BRD product, Blockset. It looks like Ripple and its XRP token could play an important role in future BRD plans.

Travon Temple
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