Best wishes to all women! Where would they be cryptocurrencies if they weren’t? Meet some of the special female members of the fair sex in this business.

There are more and more women in the world who are being crypto maniacs. In April 2019, according to by gender, women in the bitcoin community were 9.8%. After 11 months this number increased to 12.2%:

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Women’s Day 2020

Kathleen Breitman is co-founder and CEO of the Tezos project, which is currently ranked 10th among the crypts in terms of market capitalization ($2 billion). Breitman was in charge of the project, which collected one of the largest grants in the history of ICO – 232 million dollars.

Meltem Demirors is a strategic director at CoinShares, a $800 million digital currency fund. In six years, she built three funds that have invested in more than 150 cryptocurrencies projects in 30 countries worldwide.

Catherine Coley is the president of Binance US, a division specifically created for the US market. Previously, Catherine handled foreign trade at Morgan Stanley, was an advisor at Silicon Valley Bank and managed the liquidity of XRP among institutional investors in Ripple.

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One of the most eminent figures who connects the cryptic world with the US government is Caitlin Long. She is the CEO and founder of Avanti Bank and has 20 years of experience on Wall Street. Caitlin was also a member of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, which pushed the regulations to make the state of Wyoming the most crypto-friendly place in the United States.

At one point, the cryptocurrencies industry became so big that journalistic editors or departments dedicated exclusively to cryptocurrencies started to appear. The first such full-blown blockchain journalist was Laura Shin from Forbes. Laura also runs two podcasts: Unchained and Unconfirmed – focused mainly on cryptocurrencies.

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Elizabeth Stark is the founder of Lightning Labs – a project aimed at developing the Lightning Network Bitcoin protocol. She also teaches about P2P networks, open source software and data privacy at Stanford University and Yale in the United States.

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