A scenario where every person could have at least one Bitcoin (BTC) is unrealistic. It is excluded by a simple rule of mathematics, as Bitcoins are known to have a top-down supply of 21 million coins. As you probably know, not all of them have been extracted yet. At the moment we have 18 220 387 coins of the oldest digital currency on the market. Due to the increasing difficulty of digging, the remaining coins will probably be mined in 120 years.

As some people know, Bitcoin (BTC) is divided into satoshi, or small fractions. This means that a person interested in buying is not obliged to buy the whole coin.

Is Bitcoin (BTC) a good option for a black hour?

Price fluctuations are an inherent part of the reality of digital currencies. Traditional money is subject to the phenomenon of inflation. Therefore, it is worth protecting yourself against such a situation in advance. Pessimistic scenarios related to mismanagement may soon lead the national financial system to ruin.

A digital asset in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) is completely devoid of a central control point. It is therefore a decentralised digital coin. Therefore, the government cannot exercise direct influence. In other words, Bitcoin (BTC) will always be independent of financial policy.

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With orifice financial projections, many people are beginning to see Bitcoin (BTC) as a good investment option. In a situation where banks can lead to the blocking of their clients’ accounts, they cannot lead to the freezing of digital portfolios. Only the user of the account, i.e. the person who holds a private key, can dispose of the funds accumulated on it.

No limits

Bitcoin (BTC) is based on blockchain technology, so its transfer can take place at any time of day or night. It is worth noting that there are no restrictions. In other words, it can be transferred from one end of the world to the other.

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Banks or other traditional financial industry entities operate on a schedule. That is to say, they work on specific days and a fixed period of time. This means that the client cannot make the transfer whenever he wants. Bitcoin has no such restrictions.

Forecasted increase in Bitcoin (BTC) value

As we mentioned earlier, the supply of Bitcoin (BTC) has been top-down reduced and protected against inflation.

The mechanism developed by the creator of the oldest digital currency, Satoshi Nakamoto, was aimed at balancing both demand and supply. Assuming that 21 million Bitcoins (BTCs) appear on the market at the same time, it would cause their value to fall. The miners digging for this digital currency would not have the right motivation to verify transactions in the Bitcoin network. On the other hand, cyclical halvings eliminate this problem completely.

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