Bitcoin. Since its appearance in 2009, it has seen many increases and decreases and has been the subject of many discussions and debates. Currently, he is considered the ancestor of all cryptocurrencies, yet for 10 years he has been covered by an aura of mystery. No one knows who the creator of Bitcoin is. Who created this advanced system? Who is this person or group of people? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

The beginning of Bitcoin. Who invented and how it should work?

The first mentions appeared already in mid-2008. Someone then registered the domain, and two months later the work “BitCoin – electronic peer-to-peer payment system” was published. It was then that the world heard about Satoshi Nakamoto for the first time. On January 3, 2009, 30,000 lines of code were written and this is considered the beginning of this cryptocurrency.

Satoshi Nakamoto was not the only person who worked on Bitcoin. His early enthusiast was Hal Finney, a programmer who was active in the gaming industry. In his 2013 post, he wrote that he was fascinated by the whole idea. He also extracted the first coins that were sent as part of the test. Many also considered him the creator of cryptocurrency, but he strongly denied it. He died a year later, and in one of the last statements, he said that he still did not know the author’s identity.

Why did the creator hide his identity?

There may be many reasons for this. However, it is often believed that in this way he wants to avoid the legal consequences that may be hanging over him. This would not be the first time that the creator of a new form of payment has problems with the law. This was already the case in the 1990s, when Bernard von NotHaus created Liberty Dollar or when E-Gold was created in 2007. In addition, the creator himself also said that the world needs a system based on cryptography, and not on trust in third parties.

Possible creators of Bitcoin. Who created the perfect code?

For years, many people have been looking for the creator of Bitcoin. One of the first people to suspect this was Dorian S. Nakamoto, whose picture appears when you type “Satoshi Nakamoto” into the Google search engine. He is a 70-year-old man living in Los Angeles. However, he himself assured us that he was not the creator of this cryptocurrency, and at some point, Satoshi himself took the floor and informed us that Dorian Nakamoto was not him.

In 2016, the world circulated information that Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym of Australian businessman Craig Wright, who then announced that he was the creator of Bitcoin and showed the code as proof. However, people were skeptical about this candidacy. Sam Wright at some point removed the post with the announcement and published some kind of apology.

These two people are not the only ones who are suspected of being creators of the cryptocurrency. On Wikipedia, we can find a list of 13 people who are suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto. At one point, there was even a theory that said that Elon Musk, the creator of PayPal and Tesla, was behind everything. But he denied it himself.

What do we know about Satoshi Nakamoto?

What is certain is that we are dealing with a person or a group of people who are geniuses. According to an article published in “New Yorker”, the code of this cryptocurrency was considered close to perfection. It is also known that Nakamoto speaks English fluently. He has written thousands of words about his work and everything indicates that he is a native English speaker. It is also believed that he may be British. This theory was developed because the way he uses colloquialisms points to this place of origin. The time of his statements is also consistent with this. They were sent when there was a day on the islands.

That, however, is all we currently know. However, there are still many gaps that will probably not be filled in any time soon, or even never. Satoshi Nakamoto takes great care of his privacy and we shouldn’t expect him to suddenly take off his mask and show himself to the world. Probably that’s because he wants his identity to be overshadowed by what should be the most important thing – his bitcoin. Whoever invented this system considered that people should believe in the way the whole network works, not in one person.

Travon Temple
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