Everyone is wondering which technologies we should invest in. It is also worth knowing which ones are losing their attractiveness and are not a very good investment. The factors that affect the attractiveness of the technology itself are certainly the user community as well as the development and situation on the labour market. Below are five technologies that are simply not worth investing in.

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The commitment of the community built around the Elm has fallen considerably over the last year. The number of mentions of this very programming language is really very small in StackOverflow itself. However, this shows little interest in this particular technology.

Elm has been developing quite steadily until 2018. However, it has not offered new solutions for some time. What is more, the demand for Elm Developers is small in relative terms, so learning this language is simply not profitable for programmers.

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Whether or not CoffeeScript is useful, its community does not exist properly. According to Codementor, there is hardly any mention of this language. Google Trends data, on the other hand, shows that CoffeeScript is losing its popularity from 2013 and does not promise to change in the near future.


Erlang is losing its popularity the fastest. Although the activity that is associated with him on Twitter and on Facebook is not decreasing too much, the sheer number of mentions on programmers’ websites is very small. This shows how little interest in the real Erlang is.


Lua is the only technology in the ranking that the community itself has been much more active in the last year. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the commitment itself is still not very small.

In terms of development itself, Lua hasn’t seen such a big decline as Erlang or Elm, for example. This is due to the fact that Lua has hardly developed since 2013. We have more Lua Developers on the market than employers need. However, it is not worthwhile to decide on the development of infrastructure in languages, which has been disappearing for several years now.

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Like its predecessors, Perl has completely lost user engagement on social networking platforms such as Reddit and Facebook. Although the interest in him has slightly increased on StackOverflow, for example, this is not a big enough increase to compensate for the losses on other portals.

Moreover, Perl has also not been growing for several years. This is because his community has not set a clear direction for itself. This results in a total lack of interest and innovation. Perl appeared about the same time as Ruby or C#. Nevertheless, it has not developed in the same way. There are companies that still use this technology, but the future of Perl is simply unclear. So it won’t be a good choice.

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Choosing a technology is a decision that will affect many aspects of a company – from recruitment to project implementation. It is therefore worth knowing which technologies are not popular, and they are used less and less. In this way we will assess in which direction to go further.

Travon Temple
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