Absolutely no cryptocurrency is able to replace Bitcoin one hundred percent. Above all, this is due to its popularity, which is constantly growing. It was, of course, created first. But there are projects that we should pay attention to. What are they all about?

What will become the second Bitcoin in 2020?

Chiliz. (CHZ)
This project entered the blockchain market last year. It focused on the sports industry. It also intends to enter the entertainment industry. Why should we take an interest in it? It provides its recipients with a lot of uniqueness. He connects football fans with his favourite clubs. All this is done using a special platform called Socios.com. It is powered by CHZ tokens.

Fans have the right to vote on selected issues that concern their club. They can also collect rewards for commitment. There is a lot going on in the project. Chiliz has a large market of addressees.

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Enjin (ENJ)
This platform is more concert-based in the game industry. Not so long ago it was launched on the mainnet of Ethereum. This is very important news. Thanks to this, developers can create games based on blockchain in a very simple and intuitive way.

It should also be added that Enjin himself connects games with the world of cryptography. There is also the ENJ token within it, which is becoming more and more popular. The work on the concept of the project itself took about two years. The ICO was carried out in 2017, and after collecting funds, Enjin started building a package of products that are based on blockchain. One of the main goals of this platform is to give players ownership rights to digital content.

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Chainlink (LINK)
We write about Chainlock quite often. This is because it moves forward in a dynamic way. It has its own token, which functions within its own ecosystem. It turns out that even yesterday it gained a new ATH, the highest price level. All because at the turn of this year he established some very important partnerships. The value of LINK is closely correlated with what is happening in the project.

Tezos (XTZ)
It can be said to be a self-upgrading blockchain. As soon as new solutions appear, changes are introduced. It therefore goes far beyond what the competition could have offered so far.

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To sum up, the market is not short of interesting projects. Not only Bitcoin should appear on the red carpet. Despite the fact that he is the undisputed king among the crypts, many of them are just as interesting. Not everyone will of course become a second Bitcoin, most likely no altcoin will deprive him of his throne. This is not entirely for technical reasons, but also for the community itself that has gathered around him.

It’s a cryptocurrency that investors find out about at the very beginning, before they even enter the world of blockchain. However, the examples mentioned above prove that it is not worth to discriminate against other interesting coins.

Travon Temple
Witold Adruszczak CEO of the Bitcoin-Squad.com project for 3 years associated with the crypto industry. This year we have decided on an international project. Our goal is to build Bitcoin awareness in the world. Education and support for people with no experience in the new industry which are cryptocurrencies. If you need more support please write in the comment. For all I always try to answer questions under the articles.