Darknet is a hidden network for popular search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. Hidden web sites are anonymous web pages, portals, forums and shops. They have extensions in the .onion domain. This gives viewers much more anonymity. How does Darknet work in general? What is its specific scope? Is this a cybercrime paradise?

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Browsers that allow you to visit pages on Darnet don’t work the same way as the Safari, Internet Exploter or Chrome we know. Their search is possible only among those addresses that have been added manually by the browser’s author himself. This is very much like transferring addresses between users in the 1990s.

How to get to Darknet?

It’s difficult to really determine how big this network is, because anyone who wants to support its development can run an intermediary network server. However, some experts estimate that it can account for up to 96 percent of its value. However, it is not true that every website is illegal. A large part of the pages contain completely ordinary content. For example, we can find beauty blogs and Pony fan clubs. However, when you enter Darknet, it’s important to remember that it’s not fun and you can come across really dangerous criminals.

Entering Darknet is not difficult, as the media say. You don’t need any advanced IT knowledge or professional equipment to be able to view the content. All we need to do is download a suitable browser like Tor and install it, just like any other program. Tor is a prepared version of Firefox. However, it ensures hiding the IP address of the browser by simply preventing network traffic analysis. At the same time Tor uses multilayer encryption. This ensures the confidentiality of data transmission between routers.

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What can you buy from Darknet?

Darkent users actually trade everything we can imagine. We find Samsung’s overestimated hardware, fake luxury goods and illegal software licenses. We will also buy violent pornography, weapons and drugs. Very popular gossip also says that there is human trafficking and murder orders in Darknet. However, it is difficult to take them fully seriously, due to the lack of any evidence. Of course, everyone has their opinion on this.

Nobody’s persuading anyone to peek into this part of the network. But Darknet is still incredibly popular. We have no research available, but we can imagine it. We can also imagine what people in Darknet look through or what they buy. The rumors, as has been said, are different, but we are not able to verify them 100% correctly. Everyone has their own opinion on this very subject.

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