In the world of cryptocurrencies the word ” airdrop ” appears very often. But do we all know what it means and what it is connected with? In direct, literal translation the word airdrop means drop. In the world of crypto it means a situation in which we receive a free crypto-currency due to having another crypto-currency.

Airdrop is a form of a gift from the developers of a given cryptocurrency and an effective marketing tool. The airdrops take place at the moment of announcement to the block network with a pre-determined number. If Airdrop is planned for block 50, when the block is announced in the network, we get a new currency.  In the case of airdrops, you get new cryptocurrencies in a specific ratio, often higher than 1:1, e.g. 1:10.

In order to receive cryptocurrency Airdrop, often the only requirement is to store coins from the appropriate block in your wallet. Examples of such snapshots are Byteball, Stellar lumen and OmiseGo.

It happens that airdrops are a surprise.  It is worth checking your wallets, because it may turn out that you have received a pleasant gift. Platforms such as Waves or Komodo surprised their owners by making airdrops without any notice.

Currently, crypto-currency airdrops are most often a form of marketing and require users to perform a few simple tasks in social media. Cryptocurrencies projects use airdrops for marketing purposes and to enlarge their community and investors. Examples of such a phenomenon are projects such as Shivom, TraXion and Sandblock.

Each airdrop can be governed by its own rules.

Currently, new airdrops often require retweets on Twitter – usually a minimum number of observers is required. It can also be important to subscribe to the newsletter, provide basic data and the address of the wallet for which we want to receive free cryptocurrencies, share specific content in social media or join the group Telegram projects.

Other possible requirements are:

  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Slack & Discord
  • Linkedin


A great advantage of airdrops is the positive impact on the decentralisation of community building and dissemination of the project.

If you want to receive as many airdrops as possible, diversify your wallet with a range of different coins. Create accounts on several stock exchanges and participate in social networks of crypto-currency projects that are interesting for you. It is worth to go to some trouble, because on airdrops such as Nano or OmiseGo you could gain a lot. There is a big chance that you will get your free cryptocurrencies, because coin drops are becoming more and more popular for

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