Cryptocurrencies move the imagination of those who dream of a fast and high income. However, the institution of virtual money requires the creation of optimal conditions for its storage and free use. On the basis of this need, a lot of applications have been created to play the role of Internet wallets. Let’s see which of them are worth recommending.

Cryptocurrency wallet – what is it?

A virtual wallet has exactly the same functions as the one you carry in your pocket every day. Admittedly, we cannot get physically existing banknotes out of it, but we can accumulate our Internet cryptocurrencies in it. The best-performing wallets should allow us to carry out the transaction of sending and receiving assets freely. There are programs of this type on the market that are designed to be used on computers, but today we will pay special attention to an even more convenient solution – mobile wallets. Mobility is one of the biggest advantages of software nowadays. Thanks to the possibility of installing a wallet application on our phone, we can control profits regardless of where we are. In the world, mobile wallets can be used even to pay in shops or restaurants. What is important, wallets are usually designed in such a way that they do not take up too much space on our memory cards. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a universal wallet, so we need to know at least a few applications to choose the one that best suits our needs.

Cryptocurrencies wallet – is it really safe?

A wallet is one of the most important objects in our lives. We store documents, credit cards and, of course, money there. We should always remember to keep an eye on it. No different situation is with wallets for cryptocurrencies. Deciding to entrust them with your capital we must be sure that it will be completely safe there. Applications created to store virtual money are secured with a private key. To stay calm, we should make sure that only we have access to our key and that we are the only ones who have full control over it. To ensure maximum security, the keys should be generated offline. In addition, we should take care of creating a backup copy of the key, which will be the only rescue in the event of a hard drive failure. Ultimately, we may try to protect our wallet by encryption, which will prevent us from losing money if our mobile device is stolen.

Cryptocurrency wallet – how much does it cost?

In this case, an analogy to a physically existing wallet will turn out to be out of place. If we would like to buy a really cool, good quality wallet, we would have to spend even a few hundred US dolalrs on it. The good news when it comes to cryptocurrencies wallet is that quality does not go hand in hand with price. Specialists in this field even indicate that you should choose wallets that are free. A costly solution is certainly hardware wallets, which are a separate device used to store cryptocurrencies. However, those that we install on our phones should not cost us even a cents.

Cryptocurrencies wallet – which one is worth installing?

Apparently, the head does not hurt from excess, but when it comes to making a decision, a wide choice does not facilitate anything. Guided by the choice of the most optimal wallet for the phone should certainly remember that this is an application that has published its open-source. Only such software we can fully trust.

Let’s see which wallets have the best reviews of users:

Mycelium is by far the most popular option for android users, it is worth to trust it at the beginning of its adventure with cryptocurrencies, because it is very simple to use.

Edge – here we have already greater system versatility, because the application will work with android and iPhone, its advantage is certainly the fact that it takes care of our security and automatically creates a backup.

Bitcoin Wallet is practically a classic of the genre, one of the first wallets designed exclusively for transactions in one currency, thanks to a direct connection to the Bitcoin network provides maximum security.

Travon Temple
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