With the new year, the mood on the cryptocurrencies market improved significantly. The increases immediately stimulated the imagination of investors, especially during the last day. Today, several cryptocurrencies have become an epic pump, achieving the highest daily profits for many months.

Over the last few days, the largest cryptocurrency market movement has taken place in several months, increasing the total market capitalization to over 238 billion dollars. Since the beginning of the year alone, the market has grown by nearly 25% and by more than $47 billion in volume.

Bitcoin has just recorded the best start of the year in 8 years

Although today almost all of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies (according to capitalization) have grown, some of them have even achieved astronomical results. Which ones lead in this last rally?

Place 5th Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) token was the fifth best crypto in the last 24 hours, with an increase of almost 28% – three times more than its older brother, Ethereum (ETH). ETC currently costs USD 7.26, compared to USD 5.50 at the opening of yesterday’s session.

Since the beginning of 2020, Ethereum Classic has already gained over 61%.

Place 4th Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

The fourth best crypto was one of the hard forks of Bitcoin (BTC), i.e. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), which has already gained almost 45% in the last 24 hours – for comparison, the “standard” crypto grew by only 2% at that time. At present, the BCD exchange rate is 0.626 USD, compared to 0.380 USD yesterday.

Place 3th Dash ( DASH)

In the last rally, the third best result was achieved by crypto Dash (DASH), which in 24 hours grew by 45% – similarly to the aforementioned Bitcoin Diamond. The current price of the DASH is 115 USD, compared to about 70 USD at the opening of yesterday’s session.

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The Dash, which belongs to the so-called privacy coins, i.e. anonymous cryptocurrency, has provided a return on investment of 180% since 1 January 2020.

The third – after Bitcoin Cash ( BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) – the minority hard fork BTC has increased by 95% since the beginning of the year.

2nd place – Bitcoin SV (BSV)’.

For a few days now, Bitcoin SV (BSV) has not been going off the top of the industry media, mainly because of Craig “Faketoshi” Wright, who allegedly received private keys to the Tulip Trust fund, which is said to hold 1.1 million bitcoins worth about 9.6 billion dollars (at the current rate). It is said that if such a large amount of BTC got into the hands of a fake Satoshi, he could sell them on the open market in exchange for BSV. These rumours have caused a frenzy among speculators and astronomical growth.

In the last 24 hours alone, Bitcoin SV – the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – has gained 66%, and since the beginning of the year 248%! Currently, BSV costs 338 USD, while yesterday it still costs 174 USD.

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1st place Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Definitely the best cryptic asset of the current rally is another hard fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold (BTG), which in a single day has gone up by 75% – and since the beginning of the year by 172%. The rally started yesterday just before midnight and ended after a few hours. Although the BTG has already gone down since the top of the rally, the increase allowed the crypto to take first place on the list of the most profitable projects of the last day.

The epic movement – largely due to the movements of BSV and BCH – raised the price of BTG from $6.97 yesterday to $14.41 at the moment.

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