Just released in Comparic24.tv another episode of the cycle called Krypto Kreski. This is a series, which is co-created together with the stock exchange called Coindeal, which has Polish roots. It is within the framework of this project that one should take a look at the situation present on the quotations of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin as well as Litecoin. In the last episode we looked at Ethereum and Bitcoin. In addition, we also discussed cryptocurrencies charts such as: Bitcoin Cas, XRP, Dash, Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Litecon, 0x as well as DigiByte.

Bitcoin already controls basically the whole market

When we look at Bitcoin’s quotes, we notice that as a result of extremely dynamic recent increases, the price of the oldest virtual currency has overcome several very important levels of resistance. This includes, among other things, the downward trend in the downward trend that has been going on since June this year. Where can the potential BTC growth reach? Watch in the latest episode of Krypt Kreski below.

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As soon as we are interested in cryptocurrencies, we should do something about it. It is known that we should expand our interests and share our knowledge with others. We should be aware that the world of cryptocurrencies has it in common, that it is a very dynamic world. Changes on the cryptocurrency market occur very quickly. We should bear this in mind. Sometimes we can really be left behind and they will not be up to date with everything. In fact, every day there are some informational novelties that are extremely important. So when we are interested in cryptocurrencies we should join the group on Facebook, which is run by the portal called Comparic.pl Thanks to that we will be up to date with all the information from the cryptocurrencies world , regardless of where we are.

About the stock exchange itself

CoinDeal is a modern cryptocurrency stock exchange founded by three Poles. It concerns Filip Dzierżak, Adam Bicz and Kajetan Maćkowiak. This platform will be launched in 2018 in March. Thanks to its very high daily trading results, it quickly became one of the best exchanges in the world according to the CoinMarketCap ranking. The company’s location is in Malta.

Check the place where the Ukrainians were running the Bitcoin mines

It reports directly to the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, which guarantees the highest possible level of security to its users. It is worth to take a closer look at this platform. For sure we will be impressed by the general public and we will speak about it in the same positives. We are proud that it was the Poles who created such a great stock exchange, which is very popular.

Travon Temple
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