The well-known Hollywood daily Dadline reports that New Regency Television International, a TV station, has bought the rights to screen a podcast about OneCoin. The radio show “The Missing Crypto Queen” was originally broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the UK. The eight-piece podcast became a hit last year.

In just four months, it was downloaded 3.5 million times and achieved first place on the iTunes charts in the UK. The story explores the details of Ruja Ignatova’s scam, co-founder of OneCoin’s largest financial pyramid.

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As a reminder, Rujia Ignatova created a Ponzi scheme called OneCoin in 2014. In the course of several years of operation, she attracted investors from 175 countries and managed to raise capital amounting to 4 billion dollars. Fraud was also promoted in Poland. It owes its success mainly to a multi-level referral system and promises of easy, quick profit. Ignatova disappeared in October 2017 and since then, her trail has disappeared.

Ignatova’s brother recently confessed to several fraud charges in an American court, while her American lawyer was found guilty of laundering 400 million dollars collected by OneCoin in the US.

OneCoin on cinema screens ?

Several companies, including A24 and 20th Century TV, have fought for the rights to screen the podcast. The winner, New Regency, will produce an adaptation together with co-authors of the podcast Jam Bartlett and Georgia Catt.

The project will most likely be a drama with many episodes.

Ed Rubin, head of television at the New Regency, said:

“The Missing Crypto Queen” makes listening compulsive, because every week the unusual details are played out in the most captivating drama. Jamie and Georgia have also captured the story about the dark side of rapid technological change and how people can be deceived on a massive scale – a warning to be introduced into mainstream consciousness. It’s a world-wide story about corruption, threat and fraud – combined with twists and turns, complex secrecy and the global reach of the scandal, we are happy to bring it to life on screen”.

Suspected projects with a nightmare of legal in the world cryptovalut
Unfortunately, just like in the traditional financial system, we are dealing with fraud in the crypto ecosystem. Recently, red lights have been lit up on several new projects. In particular Hex (HEX), altcoin, which promises investors huge profits.

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In January a single HEX token was worth less than a single Bitcoin satoshi, which is a notable achievement.

Richard Heart, the creator of Hex, denies the accusations that the project is in any way a scam.

Unlike Hex, OneCoin has never been cryptocurrency, as its management has retained full control of the market. It has never proven the existence of necessary market indicators such as capitalisation.

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