Libra Facebook – about which this project has been quiet lately – returns to the headlines of portals that write about finance and technology. It turns out that the idea of the social media giant has allegedly been modified.

The Facebook Libra after the transitions

There were rumors about Libra a little over a year ago. The first official details from the company’s camp were not known until mid-2019. And for Facebook, hell started to happen. The authorities of probably all the important countries in the world expressed their concerns about the idea of a digital currency for the portal. Even Mark Zuckerberg admitted that in the context of this controversy Libra may not take off. Eventually, someone in the company said that a modified version of the idea should be presented to the world.

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According to an article from March 3 published by Bloomberg’s portal, the project will now also be based on fiat currencies. Libra’s wallet, Calibra, is supposed to allow for the payment and transfer of funds also in national currencies, such as the dollar or euro. The authors probably want to reassure those who are sceptical or even hostile to the ideas of officials, regulators and politicians who are afraid for their monetary policy power.

If the portal’s reports are true, Libra is scheduled to launch in October this year.

“The Libra Association has not changed its goal of building a global payment network in line with regulations, and the basic design principles supporting this goal have not changed”.

– told the media Dante Disparte from Libra’s team.

Is that the kind of Libra we want?

Until Facebook reveals the official details of the rebuilding of Calibra’s wallet, there are still a lot of guessing issues. For example, is there a chance that next to the euro and the dollar, the application will support BTC or ETH? If so, it would be great news for the whole crypto and blockchain industry.

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This, the best scenario for BTC, is real. Recently it has also been rumoured that Twitter is considering introducing systems of gratuities for posts. Add to that the fact that Jack Dorsey, the head of the corporation, is a fan of independent cryptocurrencies, and we can have a vision of BTC’s acceptance by his company.

So will big corporations help BTC and other digital currencies eventually enter the mainstream world?

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