At the World Digital Mining Summit in Georgia, Jihan-Wu (CEO of Bitmain) announced the sale of machines equipped with 7 NM FinFET chipsets. Using this process, more transistors can be placed in the new chip than 16 NM. This should lead to efficiency improvements of 50% to 70%, while reducing energy demand of 30% to 50%.

Bitmain, at the turn of June-July, ordered 30,000 chips with 7 nanometer chips, which were delivered around October/November – just in time for the installation of the new S17+ and T17+ Antimini. The supplier of components for Bitmain is TSMC, which has already announced new circuits in 2020 – 5 NM FinFET! The 5 nm chip is expected to offer up to 20% less power consumption at the same clock or 15% more performance at the same power consumption as the older solution.

Crypto mining is not just about Bitmain

Bitmain, yes, is an industry giant, but there are other producers. One of the competitors is MicroBT. The producers of Whatsminers, also used the solutions of TSMC, but since the beginning of 2019 they have been associated with Samsung, which brought very good results. The competition is very fierce, as the Korean technology giant also announced the distribution of 5 NM chips in 2020.

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The list of companies that deal with digital mining could not miss Innosilicon. It is very likely that Samsung’s above-mentioned customer will benefit from a 7-nanometer process. In order to do so, it will be necessary to rebuild its ASICs with 10 nanometers currently produced in Samsung. This may already happen in the first half of 2020, although much will depend on the performance and production time that Samsung itself will decide on.

Companies such as Innosilicon, Ebang and MicroBT have decided on the most economical 10 nanometre production process offered by Samsung. Only GMOs decided to rely on 7-nanometers TSMCs, such as Bitmain, but the poor performance of their products caused the Japanese tycoon to record a huge loss in cryptocurencies mining. To the extent that the company decided to revise its participation in the cryptocurrency industry.

Unfortunately, there was no shortage of inputs from manufacturers

It is also worth mentioning a little bit about the negative characters of 2019. One of them is undoubtedly the manufacturer of Obelisk SC – machines designed to extract SiaCoin currency. The machines were released for sale at the turn of January and February 2019, while the delivery time was set at the end of February. As it later turned out, the first equipment was delivered to users in August. None of the customers received compensation, only an electronic apology.

Bitcoin in Unicode as an emoticon – a petition will be launched on this issue

Another on the list is the Japanese company GMO, which at the beginning of the year started producing B2 and B3 machines. At the end of 2019, the giant recorded a loss of $218 million and thus officially ended the production and distribution of mining equipment.

The manufacturer of STU-U6 devices cannot be missing from our ranking. The entrepreneurs from Strong Miners have won the hearts of users with an unbelievable hashrate of 660 GH/s, with a consumption of 1300 Watt. Unfortunately, they failed to deliver on their promises, and the result was 440 GH/sec. The power consumption in this case is as much as 2100 Watt. In addition, the delivery date was delayed by two months. In connection with the purchase of StrongU STU-U6 machines, the Polish distributor of equipment – Unlimited received 50% more machines than ordered, as compensation.

New record in the Ethereum blockchain


It’s been a crazy year that has brought a lot of change in the market. It showed us at the same time who is worth trusting and what choices to keep. The cryptocurrency industry will continue to develop and will probably bring many more positive accents. However, we should remember to take special care of safety. Let us choose only proven solutions and experienced advisors. In the new year, we would like to wish all Digital Mineers greenery on stock exchanges and free electricity!

Hardware TOP

Most popular excavator manufacturer
1. Bitmain
2. MicroBT
3. Innosilicon

The biggest fusion of 2019
1. ObeliskTech
3. StrongU

The most efficient excavator SHA-256 (Bitcoin)
1. Antimine S17+: 73 TH/s
2. Antminer S17 PRO: 53 TH/s
3. Antminer S17 PRO: 50 TH/s

The most efficient excavator X11 (Dash)
1. strongU STU-U6: 440 GH/s
2. FusionSilicon X7+ Miner: 320 GH/s
3. FusionSilicon X7 Miner: 262 GH/s

The most efficient Equihash (ZCash) excavator:
1 Antminer Z11: 135 KSol/sec.
2. Innosilicon A9++ ZMaster: 140 KSol/s
3. 180K Zeon ASICminer: 180 KSol/s

The most efficient multi-algo excavator (FPGA)
1. BlackMiner F1 Ultra: 26.50 GH/sec.
2. BlackMiner F1+: 66.80 GH/s
3. BlackMiner F1: 43.20 GH/s

The most emergency device in 2019
1. Dayun ZIG Z1
2. Whatsminer M20S
3. Antminer S9

Most frequently purchased device in 2019
1, Whatsminer M20S: 68 TH/s
2. Antminer S17 PRO: 53 TH/s
3. strongU STU-U6: 440 GH/s

Most sold out device in 2019
1. Antminer S9: 13,5 TH/s
2. L3+ Antminer: 504 MH/s
3. Ebang E10: 18 TH/s

Travon Temple
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