Have you ever wondered how many people specifically use Bitcoin? Below you will find statistics on the sheer overpopulation of new BTC addresses with more than zero balance, active wallets and those that belong to whales.

Although the whole story directly related to Bitcoin transactions is available to the public, the evaluation of the number of users on the Bitcoin network is not one of the simplest tasks. It can be concluded that accurate calculations are virtually impossible. And why? The point is that a single address may contain funds of many people (we are talking about exchanges and cryptic platforms). We must also mention that one user may have multiple addresses.

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And how to get more precise figures about the really real number of users in the Bitcoin network? Quite advanced methodologies are needed for this. In this case, you can use tools dedicated to this. An example is galssnode.com. It shows a whole range of indicators, which are updated live.

Note: the analysis itself does not determine the number of physical persons or entities. Both are included in these lists. In other words, the cryptic platform (which has many users) as well as the single user is one entity. It should be added that there is a value greater than 0 on each of the addresses that has been included.

Number of new users in the BTC network

The largest increase in BTC’s new addresses took place in 2017 in December and also in early January 2018. The record fell exactly on December 14th. It amounted to over 800 thousand. In turn, from February to March 2018, this number fell significantly. This was, of course, closely correlated with the very change in the price of Bitcoin itself, which immediately after reaching ATH, decreased drastically.

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Further increases in interest appeared in March last year. What’s more, on July 26th, the rate was at $12,682, which was already more than 512,000 new addresses.

Over the last seven days, increases were also visible. At a price of 9918 USD on 11 February it was already 461 thousand new addresses. At the current rate of 10236 USD per BTC, it is more than 401,000 completely new addresses.

Number of addresses active in the BTC network

The greatest activity of Bitcoin addresses could be seen on 14 December 2017. It was over a million. At the moment it’s over 729 thousand.

The number of whales in BTC

By the end of 2009 there were only four whales with more than 100,000 BTC in their portfolio. By the end of 2010 this number had already reached fifty-eight. The record of portfolios with such a balance exactly fell in September 2018, there were one hundred and twenty-six of them. Currently it is one hundred and seven. As you can see, these numbers are really impressive. They’re statistics, but there’s a lot of truth in them.

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