For the last few days on YouTube there has been a live broadcast from an account impersonating the official channel of the Exodus cryptographic wallet. In fact, the broadcast is not live, but it is a fragment of a conversation with a member of the Exodus team, played on an account stolen by hackers.

Due to the great popularity of this wallet among cryptomaniacs, we publish this material as a warning. Remember: nobody, never gives away a cryptomaniac for free!

What’s the whole thing about this?

As usual, the scammers promise us free cryptocurrencies. In this case, the amount of Bitcoins we can get is up to 2000 BTC! The main topic of this fancy attempt to defraud your private keys to your Exodus wallet is a pipe dream about an alleged launch of a new wallet by a company operating from a web browser. Currently Exodus is only available on PC and smartphones.

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You can see that the scammers have perfected the whole procedure. The account from which the broadcast is broadcast at first glance is practically the same as the official Exodus account on YouTube.

We took a closer look and the moment we enter the tabs on the channel, we see that there is only one movie in them. Of course, this one is broadcast as an alleged live broadcast. Most likely, hackers, after taking over this account, removed all the original videos from it and made it look like the official Exodus account.

The bonus (of course, we’ll never get it) is to be granted to a person who has accumulated cryptocurrencies in his wallet with a minimum value of $500. Every person meeting this condition is eligible to receive 0.04 BTC with the current value of about 400$ PLN!

And now the best part of the scam, on which a red light is immediately lit. To get the bonus, hackers tell us to go to the new browser wallet page (we don’t give the page address for known reasons) and start the wallet pairing process. In order to do this you need to enter 12/24 words from “revovery phrase”. (never do that!) and wait for activation. The bonus 0.04 BTC within 5 minutes is to be added to your balance.

If you give the scammers 12 words from the Exodus, you can say goodbye to your cryptographers forever.

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Scourge of scammers on YouTube

In recent months, we have seen a significant increase in fraudulent activity on the YouTube platform. The pattern is very similar to the one we have given above. First, they steal internship channels with lots of views, delete all videos and then start broadcasting live.

YouTube tries to fight the scammers by removing such channels, unfortunately new ones are created in place of the deleted ones.

Similar scams concern the Ledger hardware wallet, the popular Coinbase crypto exchange or the Ethereum platform.


If you see a suspicious website, a YouTube channel, and you’re not sure about the authenticity of these places, write to us to warn others to publicize the topic.

Travon Temple
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