OneCoin is already rather a dead project. Some of its leaders are in custody. Ignatov’s Ruja, the face of this alleged pyramid, is still out of service. And now new facts are coming to light about the operation of this investment program, which was based on a pseudo-scripting. It turns out that “fake reviews” were used in its promotion.

Fake reviews

The case is now being discussed by Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) from Atlantic Council think tank. According to a report published on 29th January the creators of the project were creating false reviews on the internet that were supposed to encourage people to buy OneCoin tokens.

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It is said that out of 579 OneCoin’s reviews on the TrustPilot portal as much as 90% were positive. However, the suspicion is made when you go into the details. Five-star ratings were as high as 400 and were issued in one month. DFRLab adds that there was no shortage of the lowest marks, but the overall picture was definitely falsified by a sudden flood of the highest marks.

“The increase in [the number of] five-star ratings in October 2019, however, indicated an abnormal influx of positive reviews, which correlated with the growing public relations problems and legal complications of OneCoin. There is still the possibility that the influx of both reviews and reviews was organic, although time and extreme attitudes [to the project] were very suspicious.

– is written in the report.

People promoting OneCoin were also active on the Quora platform. There, too, they noted “non-authentic behavior, such as lack of profile photos, lack of biographical information, inconsistent posting times, and exclusive interest in OneCoin-related discussions.

End of dreams

OneCoin’s been on the news for a couple of years. Unfortunately, these were mainly warnings addressed to rather naive investors who were buying project packages. In Poland, for example, the Polish Bitcoin Association or the office of MP warned against it. It was pointed out that OneCoin’s token is a fake – it is a pseudo-cryptic, and not something like a “better Bitcoin”, as suggested by its creators.

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Ultimately, Konstantin Ignatov, the co-creator of the project, has been put behind bars and awaits trial. He is facing 90 years in prison. His sister, Ruja, has been successfully hiding so far.

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