After CryptoKitties in the Ethereum blockchain, you again see an application that breaks popularity records. After running the .crypto registry for blockchain technology domain names, Unstoppable Domains attacked the peak of the most active dApps (decentralized applications) based on Ethereum. In only 24 hours, more than 30,000 transactions related to .crypto were registered.

Unstoppable Domains from San Francisco builds domain registries on blockchain. All right, but why do users want them?

A domain on blockchain technology

Firstly, having a domain on a blockchain means that websites using this domain cannot be blocked or censored.

Unicorns on the cryptocurrencies market

For many users, the main reason for having such a domain is the possibility of attaching wallet addresses on crypto. This enables simplified crypto payments without the need for bulky text strings. Brad Kam, co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, explained:

“This new standard for cryptographic payments improves the user experience by replacing long, complex addresses with one easy-to-read name. Not only can users attach more than 50 different cryptographic addresses to their .crypto domain to receive payments, but they can also use the same domain to run censor-resistant sites.

So far, the company has registered over 180,000 blockchain domain names, including over 100,000 .zil domains.

TOP Dapps on Ethereum

Unstoppable Domains may be considered the most active dApp in blockchain Ethereum today. The phenomenon of the new project has already been noticed by The number of transactions related to it is 30,000, so it outstrips the number of any competitors on the network, who barely reached even 5000 transactions in 24 hours.

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As reported by the media yesterday, recent research suggests that the Ethereum platform is still ahead of competitors such as EOS and Tron when it comes to creating dApps. The user base, network value and activity increased in the second half of 2019, despite the fall of the ETH token price. This shows that the foundation of the platform is strengthening, which may have a positive impact on the ETH price during the bull market.

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