Last week we announced new white label partners using the solution, so that GG World can reach an ever-growing number of fans and another bonus payout for GGC token holders. The team is not going to slow down, so we can share more information about the project.

As a reminder: GG World is an almost worldwide lottery with the highest guaranteed minimum prize of $100,000,000 and tickets are available on white label websites using software. It is noteworthy that since the start of the project, their number has almost doubled and, according to GG International, more and more lottery entries are constantly coming in.

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The family of games offered by GG International has just been joined by two more proposals. These are GG World X and GG World Million. The lotteries are based on the same principles as GG World. The most important differences are the amount of the jackpot and the price of the tickets.

The company wants to give those willing to play for different stakes ($10,000,000 for GG World X and $1,000,000 for GG World Million) at much lower ticket prices. This is not the end of the story, as GG World Raffle, a tombola-based game where prizes are won at draw numbers.

The company has not forgotten about the mobile channel, thanks to which the national online lotteries Zambia ( and Peru (, which the company will soon join a few more, have their mobile apps available on Google Play and App Store. The next step to extend the range is the cooperation with ZmBIZI ( which has just been announced.

The slightly enigmatic-sounding name hides the design of the smartphone, which is delivered with a dedicated payment card. The user of this device will be rewarded with ZmBIZI points, among others, for making purchases or sharing content. The collected prizes will be sent directly to the card, delivered with the phone.

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The device will be available, at least initially, only in the United States. GG International will be one of the software providers, making the GG World Lottery, GG World X and GG Millions one of the pre-installed by default on the device.

It must be admitted that this is another piece of good news for GGC (Global Game Coin) holders, the ERC20 token that is behind the GG World project and involves receiving regular bonuses for holders, but those willing should hurry up, as it only takes until the end of January to register tokens authorised to receive bonuses. For details, please visit the token website ( The GGC is available in the BTC/GG pair on the well-known exchange.

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