What’s an airdrop?

Airdrop in the cryptographic currency industry is a marketing move to send free coins or tokens to your wallet to promote new virtual currency. Small amounts of new cryptocurrency are sent to wallets for free or in exchange for a small service, such as sharing a tweet or a post on an FB posted by the company issuing the currency.

What is Blockstack?

Blockstack is an ecosystem of secure, private applications that entrust users with the responsibility for their data and identity from the start. Over 300+ applications built on Blockstack are not able to change or transfer users’ data without their consent. In line with Blockstack’s mission to introduce a new internet, the network connects developers who want to build a better, decentralized internet and users who want to keep control of their data and privacy.

How do I get free coins?

To take part in the aridrop, which was created thanks to blockchain.info partnership and blockstack and get free Stack tokens (STX), we need to have a verified blockchain.info account at the GOLD level. To verify your account at the level of GOLD we must:
-confirm your email address
-country of origin
-name, surname and date of birth
-address of residence
-upload a photo of our document, e.g. passport or ID card
-send the selfie of our face

How much can you earn by participating in the airdrops?

When you sign up for the Blockstack airdrop on the blockchain.info platform, it is expected that each eligible user will receive $10 in stack tokens (STX). Blockstack plans to drop off all eligible users at the same time and it is likely that the Stacks coins will land in your Blockchain wallet in January/February 2020. Blockchain.info will inform its users when the Stacks tokens are available for withdrawal in your wallet, so check your email box around January and February.

Travon Temple
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