Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq, the world’s second-largest stock exchange, confirms that the platform is considering launching futures that would be based on Bitcoin (BTC). It is said that talks are being held with a business partner.

Nasdaq wants Bitcoin futures

In a recent interview that Nasdaq CEO gave to Bloomberg, she says

“We’re working with the industry and a great partner to see if it’s right for us. And I think we’re still evaluating it. We talked to the industry to tell [its representatives] that this is something [special.] We already have two futures [based on] Bitcoin… And if you are going to create a product, you want to make sure that people will use it and use it differently than they [do] today. Moreover, we would have to self-certify ourselves as a futures exchange. We will use our NFX license for this, but we have to make sure that from a risk management point of view we are fully prepared for it. And these are two things we are still working on. ”

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Friedman also thinks that the cryptocurrencies have to be looked at from a wider perspective:

“I would say that we believe that digital and crypto currencies will have an impact on the global economy. The question is whether they will mature into a state where they are really used for [financial] transfers. But in the meantime, I think there is certainly a lot of demand for them and the possibility of trading them. It is just a question of whether we can create a structure that is unique enough and different from what already exists.

The exchange opens up to cryptocurrencies

A positive decision by Nasdaq on bitcoin futures would be a breakthrough. It is worth noting that the stock exchange opens up to cryptic installments. It has already started to show BTC and ETH quotations.

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As for the new product, Friedman’s words are the latest confirmation of previous rumours. Bloomberg has already informed the public about such plans of the stock exchange. The first such news appeared in November 2018. Sources of the portal confirmed that Nasdaq intends to introduce futures contracts based on BTC.

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