It is difficult to discuss today the fact that Bitcoin and Ether are not popular, as they are currently the two most popular cryptocurrencies. This digital currency designed by Satoshi Nakamoto built its position on being the first of its kind in the history of digital payments. With them you can buy other crypto currencies. Behind St. Peter is Ethereum, which is today the most popular platform for all smart contacts (smart-contracts). However, it is worth answering the question, to which other blockchain coins do investors today?

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Other popular crypto coins

Forbes wrote about the year-long survey, which is connected with the Luno crypto exchange. The results are in their own way unique, because in their light you can see the most popular cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin and Eter. During the survey, three million users were asked which coins they would like to buy outside of course the two largest cryptocurrencies. Forbes reached the results of the survey, thanks to which the information which cryptocurrencies of the world beyond the two mentioned are the most popular was revealed.

Were the results surprising? No, they were not surprising, because just behind Bitcoin and Eter were such cryptoes as XRP (token Ripple), then Litecoin (LTC) and then Stellar (XLM). Behind them were such digital currencies as Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, the famous private coin – Moreno and stablecoin USD Coin (for short: USDC).

Zcash was also in the ranking, which would indicate that market investors believe in the success of digital currencies that guarantee their privacy. The results also show that the ERC-20 Maker (MKR) token, closing the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies, is popular.

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Interpretation of research results and conclusions

The results achieved by Forbes reflect the market capitalisation of digital currencies. Observing this ranking, it is surprising that Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, as well as the Chinese’s favourite Coin, EOS, were missing from the list of the most popular currencies, apart from Bitcoin and Eter.

Everything indicates that most investors on the market believe that the safest investment is in BTC. This guarantees privacy in the transfer of funds. This is also visible in the popularity of ZCash and Monero, considered to be proven private coins.

Bitcoin, Ether and XRP are still the leaders on the digital currency market. Will this picture change in the future? Can various speculations on digital assets break this picture of things and we will be surprised by a fundamental change in the crypto market?

We want to know your opinions on this subject. Whether you’re investing in digital currencies, or you’re just about to or are exploring this market, write down what you think. Who knows if some of you are wrong and will not predict a change in the blockchain market.

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This kind of research, the data of which Forbes has obtained, should be conducted systematically. The digital currency market is a rapidly growing field. It is gaining a growing number of supporters. Having up-to-date knowledge on the subject is the basis for safe investments in digital coins.

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