Moon Litecoin, like any faucet, allows you to earn fractions of coins, but how does it work? Moon Litecoin – what does it do?

Moon Litecoin is a crypto faucet with which users can earn different amounts of litecoins at different times of the day. According to the information on the official Moon Litecoin website, it is up to the user to decide when and with what frequency he or she will receive the prizes due to him or her.

As with most such solutions, the minimum time between subsequent claims is only 5 minutes. This means that users can either deposit the smallest coin amounts every 5 minutes or wait and deposit a correspondingly larger prize at the end of the day. It is worth bearing in mind that Moon Litecoin is filled at high speed in the initial phase of operation, but after a certain period of time it starts to slow down.

How do I set up a claim in the Moon Litecoin?

To set up a claim, the user is required to log in to the official Moonlitecoin website. This can be done using an address assigned to your digital currency wallet or email address. For the first option, you should first make sure that it is associated with a wallet that will allow you to trade a threshold of 500,000 Litoshi in this case. Once logged in correctly, you may request a withdrawal. To do so, click on the button described by the password “claim now”. The next step is to subject the user to a verification process using CAPTCHA or Solvemedia. After a withdrawal request has been submitted, a message will be displayed on the screen about the amount of litoshi that you have withdrawn.

Please note that there are also faucets for other digital currencies. The most popular of these are:

  • Moon Bitcoin
  • Moon Dash
  • Moon Bitcoin Cash.

Problems with filing a Moon Litecoin Claim Application

There are sometimes situations in which the user has specific problems with submitting a withdrawal request to Moon Litecoin. They are most often conditioned by the factors listed and described below:

  • enabled advertisement display blockade (AdBlock) – enabling the function of blocking advertisements by the user is practically always equivalent to the fact that submitting an application will be impossible. Therefore, it is recommended that you disable the blocking and re-generate your claim.
  • Web browser or device incompatibility – this happens if the browser or device of your choice is not supported by the Moon Litecoin. In this case, an error message is displayed on the screen during the claim process. In this case, it is recommended that you use a different browser or different hardware.
  • Incorrect CAPTCHA filling in – it is possible that the CAPTCHA or Solvemedia have not been filled in correctly. In such a case, we recommend that you reapply.
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