If you are serious about cryptocurrencies trading, one of the gadgets you just need to have is a cryptocurrencies wallet. One of the most popular such wallets is Ledger’s Nano S – a practical device the size of a USB flash drive that supports almost every cryptocurrency we can exchange.

Ledger Nano X what is a hardware wallet

Ledger Nano X is the latest hardware wallet offered by Ledger, which was designed to become the safest and most mobile wallet for cryptocurrencies in the world. Thanks to the use of Bluetooth technology, it helps users to manage cryptographic resources even when travelling. Although the product was launched recently, it has already attracted the attention of the entire cryptographic world by winning the CES Innovation Honoree Award during its premiere.

Nano X pros and cons

You can install up to 100 applications on a single device at the same time, so you don’t have to choose only what you need. You can view a full list of supported cryptocurrencies on the General Ledger website from the “Supported Cryptographic Assets” page. On this page, you can search the cryptocurrency to see if it is supported, and for each resource, Ledger shows which devices support this resource, and Nano X is almost always included.

Ledger Nano X security

One of the many outstanding features of the Ledger Nano X is its high safety. Manufacturers claim that this hardware portfolio uses a strong security model and, based on the strong reviews and security specifications of previous Ledger portfolios, it is not hard to believe this statement. The Bluetooth aspect of the Nano X is of particular concern, but Ledger has carefully planned before turning on Bluetooth and implemented some key safety features. The Bluetooth connection remains encrypted, so you can enjoy the benefits of a fast connection without worrying about security.

If the Bluetooth connection is somehow hacked, the Secure Item would still protect your resources by asking for your permission before taking any action. It is also important that all critical data, including initial data and private keys, never leave the Nano X. In addition, the Bluetooth implementation in your hardware portfolio is based on the latest protocol. This ensures authentication through pairing, which is based on numerical comparisons. Additional confidentiality is provided by AES-based encryption. For those who still feel uncomfortable using the Bluetooth capabilities of the Ledger Nano X, they can simply disable this feature. Then you can connect to the other device via USB-C.

Real mobility

Something special about Ledger Nano X compared to other similar cryptographic key hardware portfolios is that it’s really mobile. Between the Bluetooth functions and the mobile application Ledger Live we can really manage our cryptographic keys no matter where we are. However, Nano X cannot work fully independently. You need to use your smartphone or desktop to install apps, add accounts, check account balances or manage secure transactions.

It’s also important to know that Ledger Nano X has a 100 mAh battery. This rechargeable battery can last for several hours during use or months if you don’t use it and start with a full charge. The battery cannot be replaced, but can be easily recharged using the USB-C port and the included cable.


Ledger Nano X is the latest cryptocurrency wallet from Ledger. It is based on the features of previous hardware wallets and features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to use it with Ledger Live on your smartphone. Like other Ledger hardware wallets, the Nano X is very secure thanks to its encryption and multiple security protocols, o prevents many hacker attacks.

Ledger quickly became the most popular wallet manufacturer among strong competition from the main rival Trezor. Thanks to the production of Nano X, Ledger set the standard really high.

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