Juventus Turin, an Italian football club based in Serie A, has just released its own decentralised token, which will allow its fans to participate in voting and polling.

Italian fantasy

According to the announcement of December 2, the Juventus Turin team’s token is available on the socios.com platform, a tokenized platform dedicated mainly to voting in the sports world. The initial value of the token is 2 euros per unit. Nevertheless, a limited number of tokens will be available for free in the extended reality feature Token Hunt.

Fans who come into possession of a token will be able to take part in a number of decisions made by the club. The first one will be the choice of the song played during the goal scored by Juventus Turin.

Sport enters the crypto world

Initially, the club planned to release a token in the first half of 2019. The decision to develop its own cryptocurrency was in a way a reaction to a similar decision of Paris Saint-Germain. The French club also cooperates with socios.com.

Sports teams all over the world are actively involved in creating branded tokens to improve interaction with their fans. In mid-October, Sacramento Kings, a basketball team from the NBA, began working with CryptoKaiju to issue collector’s assets.

Robert Lewandowski’s club, Bayern Munich, has also announced that it plans to release blockchain-supported gadgets. German club has started cooperation with Stryking Entertainment. Probably, many other clubs have made a similar decision and are already working with the company to create licensed collections.


The road to mainstream is not yet paved for cryptocurrencies. Initially, it was assumed that bitcoin would lead the financial and technological revolution on its own. It turns out that the most popular cryptocurrrencies may need help. Recall that recently the popularity record was broken by Gods Unchained – an online card collector’s game based on blockchain Ethereum.

Maybe the opening of the second front with football and other sports competitions will be the key to unlocking the new potential. If the new tokens are accepted by the fans, they can help with adoption. This is the amplification of the attack that bitcoin may need.

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