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BitBay IEO QAN Let’s recall that BitBay took off from IEO Launchpad relatively recently. It is the latest product of the exchange, which allows entrepreneurs to organize their own IEO and raise funds for projects by selling tokens.

BitBay was one of the first entities on the IEO market to provide the opportunity to buy tokens in FIAT currencies. The user can purchase IEO tokens directly from his BitBay account balance, using cryptocurency (Bitcoin, Ether, USDC) and four FIAT currencies (PLN, EUR, USD and GBP). Thanks to Launchapad, the users of the exchange will find information about the project in one place: a description of the project provided by the issuer of the tokens, whitepaper and additional links, which will allow to get to know the IEO offer in detail.

QAN Blockchain Platform from Centrum Circle presents itself as the first quantity-safe, fast and multilingual platform using quantum cryptography, supporting online transactions in all major languages. Its aim is to meet the real requirements of financial institutions and industries using cryptography. QAN has identified the key features needed by industry players, developers and platform users and combined them into one powerful solution.

QAN joins forces with Oracle Chainlink

It is worth noting that QAN is now integrating with Chainlink’s decentralized structure to allow developers to “get real tamper-proof data”.

“QANplatform is pleased to announce its planned integration with Chainlink, the Oracle decentralised network that enables intelligent contracts to securely access off-chain data, web-based APIs and traditional bank payments”.

– we read on the project website.

“[…] QAN programmers will be able to create more complex projects of intelligent contracts that use resources from outside the QAN blockchain platform.”

– add the creator.

Some of the potential uses that are now being considered after integration with Chainlink include:

Decentralized QARK/USD pricing to allow businesses to calculate transaction fees in US dollars while paying with QARK,

Secure connection to Things Internet devices (IoT) to launch new insurance products, supply chain and logistics.
Johann Polecsak, CTO and co-founder of QANplatform commented on the integration:

“I believe that providing programmers with the ability to create efficient smart contracts in a timely manner is a necessary step to achieve the desired goal of mass adoption [of our solutions]. We can only achieve this through real integration and coexistence with platforms that people already use. With Oracle’s solutions we are able to do this.

How to buy IEO tokens?

On its website BitBay has published a short guide on how to buy IEO tokens. You will find it here. The process is simple and user-friendly:

Step 1 – Log in and go to the IEO Launchpad. Remember that to make a purchase.
Step 2 – Decide how many tokens you want to buy.
Step 3 – Select from which wallet you want to receive payment. You can choose the balance in the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, PLN, BTC, ETH, USDC.

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