More and more analysis of the GG World Projects show up, but some of them seem not to understand all of the projects’ aspects. We’ve decided to present all the knowledge about the project in a single article.

The company’s initial history started between 2000 and 2009 when the team was gaining experience while working as freelancers for other lottery projects. This is when a vision of creating an online lottery ticket selling platform emerged. The final result may be seen today at 

At first, LottoPark was ran using other domains, but its final name was introduced in 2015 when the domain was acquired. LottoPark name was chosen due to the fact it means the same and has a similar spelling in almost every language.

LottoPark’s success pushed the growing team to develop and introduce, which offers the possibility of running a platform like LottoPark in white label model. Nearly every month  brings a new partner and a platform being put up online – such as, or Thanks to developing the whole platform in-house from scratch combined with a unique technological approach, the time required for setting up a fully functional platform was reduced from months to weeks. sees the lottery messenger service industry as one of the best in the internet’s history. Customers are extremely loyal and each month brings a substantial growth in sales. Thanks to the huge rollovers in European and American lotteries which often go beyond $100 000 000 and receive great media coverage all over the world, WhiteLotto’s partners get a free advertisement for their service.

In WhiteLotto’s opinion, the lottery intermediary market is still a blue ocean, especially when it comes to African, Asian and Latam region. Currently, WhiteLotto serves customers from more than 50 countries in 40 languages.

The year 2017 brought the most ambitious vision and project ever: a world game similar to Powerball or Eurojackpot with a common prize pool for all the countries participating in the GG World game. The project supports local charities. The company acquires first licenses in Africa and the WhitePaper for the project is created by GG International team, the company that takes over the management of White Lotto and supports lottery projects today.

The first GG International game, national lottery of Zambia ( is launched in March 2019. We have unofficially learned, that offline sales of GG World games will commence in the next 60 days in this country, which should translate into larger bonus payments 2 described below.

A few months later, in November, – online Peruvian lottery managed by one of the white labels ( is launched.

Having achieved that, GG International Ltd. fulfills all the promises described in White Paper from 2017. Global Game Coin token is created (, enabling holders to receive bonuses based on the sale of GG World games. In November 2019, the first GG International game – GG World Lottery – premieres online, with the largest guaranteed minimum jackpot on the planet of $ 100,000,000. As GG International adds:

White Lotto sales statistics show that $100m appears to be a psychological barrier for the players to decide which game to participate in. We noticed that 80% of White Lotto sales are games that roll over $100m, and when jackpot returns to the initial level, interest in the game decreases significantly (it seems that the initial $40m jackpot in US games is not an attractive amount to play for and they wait until the jackpot exceeds $100m). That’s why we created the game where $100m is offered as the initial jackpot. Thanks to this, without any additional marketing, GG World Lottery competes for the TOP3 best sellers in the White Lotto network.

The team consists of some names known all over the globe:

  • Dr. Steven Melnik ( – Global Brand Ambassador and GG International Director
  • Allen Wu ( BinZayed Investment Group CEO, a company owned by BinZayed, the wealthiest family in UAE

We’ve found pictures of one of the directors in places like the Chinese Lottery headquarters, Vietnam Lottery headquarters or Carribean and African government buildings. Does this mean those countries will join the GG World, thus increasing the pool in GG World lotteries?

GG International does not confirm the case by answering only: “We prefer to deliver rather than promise. Please be patient, this is just the beginning of our path.”

It seems GGC token may become a highly desirable digital asset. Its supply on the BitBay exchange is already very limited. At the time of writing, there are only a few thousand coins available below $3/token, and there are less than 100,000 coins being sold on the exchange. Why do investors keep GGC instead of trying to speculate on its value? The reason may be bonuses for their owners. As we read on the token page:

„Bonus 1: Every token-holder will receive 1$ (paid in ETH) for each GGC token owned, when the GG World Lottery jackpot gets claimed for the first time.

Bonus 2: All registered GGC token-holders will receive monthly bonuses based on GG World Lottery ticket sales (1% from ticket sales income) for the initial period of GG World operation. When the GG World Lottery jackpot gets claimed for the first time and the bonus 1 gets paid out, bonus 2 will be paid out every time, when the jackpot gets claimed. Bonus 2 will consist of 1% from each jackpot claimed, split among all GGC holders in proportion to the number of tokens held.

Bonus 3: All GGC owners will receive up to 2$/token bonus paid in ETH, just for holding GGC. This bonus is related to the next GG World game.okenów otrzyma 1$ (wypłacany w ETH) z

(The following opinion is based only on our analysis and should not be treated as an investment advice)

According to our estimates, the value of the GGC token is currently at least $3/token (bonus 1 + bonus 3), and if you add the benefits of bonus 2, you can optimistically say that its value in 2020 will be above $ 3/token. If it comes to the opening of the Chinese market for the GG World project, it will be an unprecedented event in the history of lotteries and the cryptocurrency market. We will try to keep you updated on the progress of the project.

GGC token is available for trading at the well-known exchange as BTC/GGC pair.

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