The Financial Times published a letter from George Soros, a well-known American billionaire of Hungarian origin, who has been the protagonist of numerous conspiracy theories for years. This time he hits Facebook. He accuses Mark Zuckerberg of a secret agreement with Donald Trump, and calls for him to be removed from control of the world’s largest social network.

Soros vs. Zuckerberg

“It looks like Zuckerberg’s involved in some kind of mutual cooperation agreement with Donald Trump that will help him get re-elected”

– says Soros.

What’s the billionaire’s point? It’s about the political ads that have been appearing on Facebook since early 2020. A giant social media giant is waiting for government regulations on this issue, but Soros doesn’t think he has to. “If you’re doubtful whether the advertising is political, you should be careful and refuse to publish. It is unlikely that Facebook will follow this course,” the investor believes.

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“Therefore I repeat my proposal, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg should be removed from Facebook’s control.”

– appeals to the whole world.

The world’s most famous speculator?

Do the words of a businessman have a second bottom, or is it just an empty appeal and a whim of a rich man to get the media interested? It is possible that he wants to hit Trump or somehow harm Facebook (to raise the share price?). Anyway, when Soros talks about something or someone, you have to think about it.

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He became famous on 22 September 1992 when, believing that the pound sterling was overvalued, he speculated against it, engaging $10 billion in it and playing for a price discount. He forced the Bank of England to withdraw the currency from the exchange rate mechanism (ERM II). The speculator made about one billion dollars from this. He will certainly go down in history as “the man who broke the Bank of England”. Since then he started to be a hero of various strange conspiracy theories (including the one related to the reptilians by David Icke).

Zuckerberg himself hasn’t had a good streak lately either. Since last year, his portal has had constant problems with Libra – the digital currency he wanted to issue. It is not clear whether the project will finally start.

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