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How to buy bitcoin
Since cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, have conquered world markets, more and more people are wondering how to buy bitcoin and where to buy bitcoin. The cryptocurrencyt market offers many convenient ways for those who are looking for how to buy bitcoin quickly. The first possibility is a Bitcoin exchange office or using the cryptocurrencies exchange, which allows you to buy and sell bitcoins from other users of the platform. One of the most recognizable exchanges on the Polish market is BitBay.net. Its biggest advantages are easy to use interface and low margins. Another example of an exchange where you can buy bitcoin is CoinDeal – one of the leading platforms in Europe. You can also buy cryptocurrencies directly from other users. We are talking about sales through direct contact with the seller. Where can I buy bitcoins this way? You can choose localbitcoins.com, where you can search for other users’ ads or post your own ad. Below you will find other ways to buy bitcoin.

How to buy bitcoin anonymously

Anonymous bitcoin shopping is relatively easy for small quantities. The problem arises when trying to buy larger amounts. Bitcoin machines (BTC ATM) can be used to buy bitcoins anonymously. These devices are becoming more and more popular, especially in big cities. Anonymous bitcoin purchases by bitcoin machines are as follows:
We deposit cash into an ATM
We give you the address of our wallet
We receive a transfer of the purchased cryptocurrency directly to the given address of the wallet
Another way to anonymously buy bitcoin is through direct transactions. You can buy cryptocurrencies from people in your area. It is worth considering whether there are professional traders and miners in your area. You can also search for ads for selling or buying cryptocurrencies on thematic forums or platforms such as the aforementioned LocalBitcoins. Another solution for anonymous bitcoin buying are stationary exchange offices. They allow anonymous transactions of up to €15,000.