Although the group of enthusiasts backing up GG World Lottery project and the GGC token’s business model including bonuses for holders was populous, there were also critics who questioned the possibility of realization and implementation of the GG World team’s ideas. Over time, it is becoming increasingly clear that the first group was right, and the recent execution of bonus payments, which took place on December 10, 2019, adds another point to the list of arguments of GGC token supporters.

Let us remind: Global Game Coin (GGC) is the GG World Lottery’s project token. GG World Lottery is the first global, online lottery based on numerous national, licensed lotteries also run by GG International. Currently Lotto Zambia ( and the Peruvian SomosLotto ( have been launched. The company has unofficially informed that the first lottery in Asia will also be launched soon.

GGC token is available for trading at the well-known exchange as BTC/GGC pair.

Tickets for GG World Lottery are already available online thanks to a network of white label sites, utilizing the company’s software. A feature that particularly distinguishes GG World Lottery from others is the highest guaranteed jackpot in the world, amounting to as much as $ 100,000,000.

It’s worth noting that the system developed fully in-house has successfully passed Gaming Laboratories International tests, an authority in the gaming industry and received a certificate for highly-regulated jurisdictions. GLI is a global leader in gaming and lottery solution testing, trusted by regulators in 475 jurisdictions around the world.

The business model mentioned above provides three bonuses for GGC token holders. The first one guarantees each owner to receive $1 for each token when the GG World Lottery gets claimed for the first time. The second one is particularly attractive for tose who’d like to treat GGC as a long-term invesment, as it will be paid out regularly and its amount will depend on the ticket sales and the numbers of tokens owned.

Recently, the company has informed that it decided to thank the supporters even more and announced the third bonus associated with the next GG game, which is scheduled to start at the beginning of next year. Thanks to this, each GGC holder is to receive $2 (paid as installments) for each token they own.

Both the project’s whitepaper and the team’s promises seemed impossible for many. Quite a time has passed and it seems that the project is actually one of the very few that managed to realize all of its plans. The critics doubted the possibility of implementing GG International ideas, but they have just lost their strongest argument. The company has informed that on December 10th GGC token holders have received the payout of the funds related to bonus 2. The next payout is scheduled for January 2019, but ultimately the payouts will be executed quarterly.


Travon Temple
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