Comparing the return on investment (ROI) of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) during the 2017 bubble, one of the investors notes that the latter could reach a spectacular increase by 2025.

Between USD 10 000 and USD 45 000 per Ethereum token in 2025.

In a recent tweet, the CryptoWolf analyst writes that the price of the second largest cryptovalute could reach a breathtaking level in 2025. – from $10,000 to $45,000. For this to happen, the return on investment in ETH would have to be as high as 500%.

Other analysts are equally optimistic. They believe that during the new large ETH bull market it will reach $10,000. However, they often do not specify specific dates when this can happen.

The Bitcoin rate will reach $250,000 next year? That’s what experts say.

Another trader, “Filbfilb”, notes that unlike ETH and XRP, Bitcoin showed more than 100% growth throughout 2019. This shows that ETH has less potential for growth. At least that was the case in the year just ending.

A shopping opportunity or another coffin nail?

The more mature part of the cryptocurrencies community is quite optimistic about price drops – as an opportunity to shop cheaply and profit in time. This is the idea of “breeding”. Bitcoin fans remind each other of this when the price drops. Ripple’s retail investors tweet about it all the time when XRP scores successive holes in the chart.

However, it looks like some people are starting to get tired of seeing their favorite ETH token fall. So does this mean that ETHs are waiting for rather worse times?

Bitcoin’s price will no longer fall to $3,000, believes Tone Vays

Recently, Twitter has also been buzzing about the fact that a huge amount of $25 million in ETH has been sent to three major exchanges – Kraken, Huobi and Binance. The data comes from ViewBase. It was speculated that the tokens were probably sent by Vitalik Buterin himself. But later the founder of Ethereum strongly denied it.

Today we know that the tokens were partly owned by Jeffrey Wilcke, co-founder and chief programmer of Ethereum, who wants to raise money to develop Grid Games, his new project.

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