Millions of video game fans around the world were waiting for this news. On 17th February 2020, the Enjin project, on its official blog, announced that their “latest child” Enjin Platform, has been launched on the mainet Ethereum.

The platform, powered by the ENJ token, connects the world of video games with the cryptic ones. It is considered by many professionals as one of the best projects of recent years. Not so long ago, our portal published a series of articles: “Cryptocurrencies for 2020”, in which we described projects worth following in 2020. Of course, Enjin: cryptocurrencies for 2020 could not be missing: Enjin Coin (ENJ) – introduction to the project

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Integrating resources with one line of code becomes a reality! If you have ever dreamed of creating your own game, Enjin gives you this opportunity.

A quick glance at the Enjin platform panel

The platform democratises the ability to create, improve and manage the next generation of blockchain resources. In other words, if you know how to use your smartphone, you can easily implement both removable and other tokens using the new Web (Internet) panel. It allows you to easily edit content and resources on the platform from your web browser.

Simple, excellent operation is one of the main product design philosophies in Enjin. The developers have made every effort to make the Web panel minimalist, simple and clear. Only four simple steps are required to develop the first blockchain resource.

Creating a new design

Creating a new project on the Enjin platform is easy: just choose a name, load an image and write a short description of the project. Your new project can be anything from a simple digital art collection or a cluster of tokenized memes to a complex web application or video game. You can create without limits.

Integration with your ENJ wallet

Connecting your wallet is a very pleasant and simple task. To get started, you need to install Enjin Wallet on your mobile device, and have some ETH and ENJ to power the creation process. And that’s it – now all you have to do is point your phone towards the QR code and scan it to connect your wallet.

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Creating a resource (itemu)

The resource creation process is a kind of initial configuration. When you create a resource, you don’t really implement it in blockchain. You simply strictly define its various values, which can be: the choice of the name and appearance of the resource or variables, such as: types of transfer charges and start of deliveries . Blockchain resources created with the Enjin platform have two types of data.

Data in the string (such as name, type) and data outside the string (such as image and description of the resource).

“Minting” of resources

It is the most difficult stage. “Striking” resources can be compared to minting coins. The stamp, which serves this purpose, guarantees that each time our coin is identical to the previous one. The same applies to the minting of items on the Enjin platform.

Based on the number of ENJ tokens in your wallet and the maximum amount of an item that can be in the game, you will be able to make a strictly defined number of resources.

Blockchain and video games are a perfect combination
The Enjin platform (and the ecosystem as a whole) allows you to explore and exploit the new technological advances of the video game industry, offered by infrastructure and blockchain technology products:

Project: building decentralized game worlds (two or more) and allowing players to use and increase the levels of characters and objects in different games.

Financing: Using the blockchain crowdfunding model, creating game resources and offering them to players as a reward for support.

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Monetisation: Charging a transaction fee every time your items are sold to p2p or sold through external trading platforms.

Marketing: Developing marketing by offering in-game resources in exchange for online engagement.

What next…?

It must be admitted that the Enjin team has worked very hard over the last two years. The developers are doing everything they can to make sure the deadlines are met. An excellent example is this Enjin platform.

In the last sentences of the article, the Enjin team speaks in a rather mysterious way about the future of the project:

We’re working on something. You’ve likely seen it before. In the near future, it will be public and usable by all.

It’s just a way to distribute blockchain assets via QR codes.

Well, we can’t wait for the results of this work. Considering Enjin’s work so far, we can sleep well.

Travon Temple
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