It would seem that after the successful completion of the financing campaign, GG International’s team died down a little and the work on GG World Lottery slowed down. The latest information we have just received from the company definitely contradicts this. GGC tokens owners will undoubtedly be pleased with the information that from 22.10 they will be available on the well-known stock exchange.

BitBay Exchange does not need to be introduced to anyone, but some of you may not have heard about the GG World Lottery project and the associated GGC token. It is worth mentioning that similarly to BitBay, GG International has Polish roots. GG World Lottery is the first global online lottery based on licensed, national lotteries.

New GGC Global Game Coin cryptocurrency available on BitBay

The ever-growing team of GG International has many years of experience in the lottery industry, the first steps were taken in 2009. Recognition of the huge potential of the industry combined with hard work allowed the company to achieve the status of a major player in this market. While this may seem incredible, the lottery industry is worth more than the US film industry.

The company’s track record portfolio is rich. The first success so far has been the creation of WhiteLotto software from scratch. It is a software operating in the white label model for websites offering lottery tickets for the most popular lotteries in the world. Currently, it is used by several business partners of the company from all over the world, and this number is constantly growing. Apart from its attractive appearance, WhiteLotto provides an extensive CRM and numerous tools to facilitate business.

Why is it worth investing in the Global Game Coin project?

The success of the created software allowed the company to achieve financial stability and the opportunity to start working on a bold and ambitious project such as GG World Lottery. Being aware of the untapped potential of the online channel and the reservations about traditional lotteries, GG International has created a unique solution on a global scale.  TRNG (True Random Number Generator).

This solution is based on the natural randomness of the world and uses the basics of quantum physics. The system has been successfully tested by Gaming Laboratories International, a recognized authority in the gaming industry, and has been certified for highly regulated jurisdictions. GLI is a leader in lottery testing and gaming industry solutions, trusted by regulators in 475 jurisdictions worldwide.

Simultaneously with the works on the technical part, the company obtained numerous licenses to run official, national online lotteries. The first one,, was launched very quickly. As you can see, the company’s strategy is to start operations in particularly attractive emerging markets. Outside Africa, a lottery in Peru ( will soon be launched, which will initiate the existence of GG World Lottery in the South American markets. We also received information that the company’s next goal is Asia, where lotteries are very popular. 

We strongly supported the Global Game Coin project from the very beginning!

Rapid development was possible because of the collection carried out mainly in our own network of contacts, during which the GGC token was offered. This action was dictated by the fact that the company wanted to avoid more publicity because of the bad opinion of other projects raising funds through ICO or other forms of crowdfunding. Apart from the proven and confirmed in practice credibility of the project, the attractiveness of the offer was added by the fact that quarterly bonuses are provided for token holders. It is worth noting that the project as one of the very few successfully implemented all the assumptions presented in the whitepaper published almost two years ago.

The project will undoubtedly develop more and more, which should especially please the holders of GGC tokens, which will be available for trading on the BitBay exchange for trading in BTC/GGC steam.

Travon Temple
Witold Adruszczak CEO of the project for 3 years associated with the crypto industry. This year we have decided on an international project. Our goal is to build Bitcoin awareness in the world. Education and support for people with no experience in the new industry which are cryptocurrencies. If you need more support please write in the comment. For all I always try to answer questions under the articles.