The coming decade may belong to the cryptocurrencies, but there must be certain conditions for it. This is what analysts from Deutsche Bank said in a report called Imagine 2030.

Politicians will spoil paper money in concrete terms. This is a chance for the cryptocurrencies to become a globally used means of payment.

Politicians ruin the paper money system

In the report, analysts stress that the forces that shaped the entire paper money system seem to be really used. According to Reid, everything will start from the fact that the 40-year downward trend in global labour costs will start to reverse. This will mean a return to high inflation.

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In his opinion, inflation in the incoming decade may be relatively high.

  1. Number of BTC transactions and exchange rate in USD

Laboure notes that on the supply side, i.e. banks and governments, there is a consensus that the world should move towards a cashless system. For now, the very attitude of governments and banks towards the cryptocurrencies is extremely rigid, but it is changing slowly.

In turn, on the demand side is great as well as hidden and not entirely conscious desire to use cryptocurrencies. It is also reminded that according to the results of research, two thirds of all consumers prefer electronic payments over cash. In turn, one third would like an excellent anonymity for all transactions. This are cryptocurrencies that provide such opportunities. It is they that make the dreams of citizens come true, and at the moment they are mainly using cash.

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       2. Number of active addresses in the Bitcoin network

The report presented by Deutsche Bank shows that cryptocurrencies must overcome three obstacles in order to become a mainstream at all.

They must certainly gain trust from banks and governments, which should bring stability to their quotations.
In addition, they must become a global payment instrument, with the help of intermediaries such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard or Visa.
What is more, they must become a completely secure means of payment, which means that they must absolutely not be susceptible to theft from crypto stock exchanges or to cyber attacks.

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       3. The growth rate of the number of Bitcoin network and Internet users alone

It is not really ruled out that in the coming decade we will see a completely new virtual currency that will become part of the mainstream. Perhaps it will appear in markets that have a really long banking history. On the other hand, we have to remember that cryptocurrencies can become the perfect tool for a digital war.
That is why those countries that will be the first to adopt cryptocurrenciesand start building alliances have a really good chance to emerge victorious from such clashes. Of course, we are talking about the future. This is how Marion Laboure spoke. We’ll see how it all works out.

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