Craig Wright is a name that has been controversial in the crypto industry for a long time. The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto is involved in a billion-dollar case against David Kleinman. It turns out that Craig Wright may be bankrupt – he is not able to pay the settlement fee of 500,000 BTC.

Not Nakamoto anymore?

Kleinman’s case has been going on for some time. As recently agreed, the parties have focused on the settlement and the extension of the settlement to the end of October. As it turned out, however, the agreement was broken by the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin. Does it mean that Craig Wright is bankrupt?

“On October 30, the plaintiff was informed that Wright was unable to pay off the settlement and was in breach of a non-binding agreement between the parties.

According to the explanations given by the plaintiffs, Wright’s attitude during the findings indicated that he was able to pay the 500,000 BTC provided for in the settlement.

So it is war!

Faced with Wright’s withdrawal from the settlement, the floods are preparing to resume the trial. James Wilson, the CFO of Wright’s companies, had already been appointed as a witness in 2013 and 2012, when David Kleinman was still alive and his shares were sold by Wright. As it turns out, Wilson will testify again.

How will it be, Mr. Wright?

Let us also recall the current situation on the front of Craig Wright – Satoshi Nakamoto. In mid-October Wright again changed his narrative on being the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. He said that there are two possibilities – either he is Satoshi Nakamoto, or the anonymous bitcoin maker plagiarized during the publication of his manifesto.

Wright has been under fire since he first announced that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Every month it turns out that his every project is controversial. Bitcoin SV and Kleinman’s case have given Wright horns that he can’t get rid of so easily. So far, Craig Wright is bankrupt – definitely PR!

Travon Temple
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