Along with the reports of the Ukrainian carrier of cargo and passengers, the employees of the railway unit located in Lviv in it created a cryptocurrencies mines. The action itself was taken by the services, who in fact discovered that the officials were using state electricity illegally.

Details of the investigation itself

We can read about the event on the official website, which belongs to the Ukrainian Railways. This matter was revealed by Oleg Nazaruk, the director of the Department of Economic Security and Information. During the inspection, more than 100 cryptocurrencies excavators were found. This equipment was connected to the electrical network, which belonged to the railway. In fact, it is estimated that since the beginning of this year the losses have already amounted to nearly one million hryvnias. Calculated in Polish zlotys it is about 159 895 Polish zlotys.

It should also be added here that, according to the Ukrainian law, emission and circulation of crypto-currency in the territory of Ukraine itself are prohibited. In connection with this, criminal proceedings have been initiated against the owners of the cryptocurrencies mine themselves. All information in this case was reportedly also sent to the Main Directorate of the National Police with its seat in Ternopil. The report also mentions the fact that at the time of the inspection the Bitcoin exchange rate was already around 208,000 hryvnia, converted into Polish zlotys to 32,781 Polish zlotys.

In Ukraine, cryptocurrencies mining is still prohibited.

Although digging for Bitcoins and other virtual currencies is not legal in Ukraine, many of its inhabitants have dared to break this law. What is very interesting, state energy is used for these purposes more and more often. An excellent example is what happened in August of this year. The Ukrainian Security Service has, in fact, arrested several people precisely for extracting cryptocurrencies in a local nuclear power plant. Using all the resources that belong to the plants, they have revealed state information that is strictly confidential. This event was already taking place in the city of Yuzhno-Ukraine. The employees of the electric power plant have just connected their own mining devices, which are based on GPU cards, to the Internet. All cryptocurrenciesexcavators were then confiscated.

As you can see from the attached picture, the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine is completely different from the market in other European countries. It is not even possible to compare it, because the fact that crypto are simply illegal in Ukraine proves it. We should bear this in mind as much as possible. Who knows if this will ever change? So far, there is no indication of this. However, everything will show us the time. Let us keep up to date, and we will certainly see soon how this matter will be resolved in the near future. The cryptocurrency miners in Ukraine certainly do not have it too easy.

Travon Temple
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