The creator of the Cardano crypto, Charlies Hoskinson, stresses that his design is like an iceberg. He has encouraged us to keep a close eye on the project, but it’s not clear if it’s not a case of being dangerous as befits an iceberg. Hoskinson also stresses this by saying that the next two months will be wild!

What’s up with Cardano?

In the latest CoinMarketCap ranking, Cardano’s cryptic capitalization is high, as much as 11th, with a total capitalization of $1,577,388,454. Charlies Hoskonson, the CEO of the project and its creator Charlies Hoskonson, recently compared Cardano to the iceberg, tweeting that it will soon have a huge impact. What he is going to influence, what he is going to spread, or maybe sink the iceberg, is not revealed in his tweet. He merely wrote that he was in the process of preparing something great, and that this great thing would come (come?) in the coming months.

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Charles Hoskinson predicts the two coming months to be wild.

“The next two months will be wild,” Hoskinson wrote, and this is due to his recent meeting with his product manager. Hoskinson has just discussed with him the progress of the product and new ideas and, most importantly, what is about to happen on the market soon. Apparently, the scale of these events is supposed to have a huge impact on the whole ecosystem (by implication blockchain and cryptocurrencies), because there is a lot going on behind the scenes of Cardano.

Is Hoskinson’s behavior just one of many attempts to draw more attention to his product? If so, it is quite unfortunate to compare Cardano to the iceberg here, because once it is a dangerous creature, and secondly, it is only seemingly strong because it is also impermanent. At the same time, however, it cannot be ruled out that work on Cardano is being carried out in the right direction and that the project will soon show the world some revolutionary solution.

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Here it is worth recalling that Cardano is not standing still. Not so long ago, the Byzantine error tolerance protocol was successfully implemented into the project, and this update has implications in the form of bringing Cardano closer to the Shelly network. This in turn is already a step towards a full transition to a decentralized blockchain, and who knows if Hoskinson hasn’t written about it?

But is it so revolutionary and so amazing that it’s wild? Perhaps there is a reason to watch Cardano, and Hoskinson certainly drew the attention of market observers, and what he apparently wanted most.

What does Cardano (ADA) look like on the chart?

The current Cardano rate is about $0.060839. So the last 24 hours have brought an increase of 5.62 percent. The opening from yesterday was $0.058577 and the closing was $0.058336.

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