Blockchain Router, a plug-and-play device that will allow access to a decentralized network on any platform, is currently being promoted by the Kickstarter campaign. More than USD 36,000 has already been raised in this campaign, with the goal of raising USD 122,000. The routing device acts as a gateway to the decentralized Internet. This means that users who try to access “.eth” sites will be moved there without installing additional plugins / software and without making any modifications.

How does the Blockchain Router work ?

Each Blockchain router consists of 2 parts:

1. router
2. Mini PC

They are connected and act as one unit. The router is responsible for network performance and the Mini PC works with peer-to-peer communication. Of course you could use one Mini PC for both, but the performance of such a device would not be sufficient.

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In addition, Blockchain Router supports the IPFS and SWARM protocols, which are designed for distributed hosting. So users can not only browse “.eth” sites, but also browse sites hosted on distributed networks.

If specific sales targets are achieved, device updates will include a personal cloud platform, a random profile generator, a P2P Internet connection sharing market and hard drive rental space. The router will have an IPFS node installed along with the Ethereum node, both responsible for a decentralized P2P connection. The Blockchain Router team later plans to add other block chains so that connected users can access all major blockchain-based sites.

Some interesting features of Blockchain Router

Automatic built-in VPN in the router is one of the basic functions that the device should offer to users. It allows you to easily connect all the devices in your home to a Blockchain router that is connected to a single VPN account, saving you money on VPN subscriptions.

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According to the developers, the router is also supposed to provide the safest email in the world. It will be hosted directly on your Blockchain router. Just plug in your USB drive or hard drive and store your information there. No one has access to it except you. An extremely simple installation process will help you create a regular or blockchain-based (e-mail@some_website.eth) e-mail address. If you ever feel threatened, simply disconnect the memory device from the router. The idea seems to be an interesting one, but for the moment it lacks transparency. We will certainly follow the development of the project further.

Travon Temple
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