Indian farmers who grow coffee on an industrial scale are facing a number of problems, including dishonest coffee producers who, feeling they have impunity, do not pay for the goods supplied.

There is an opportunity to change this disadvantage and for growers to take control of and reward their produce. Blockchain is this opportunity.

Blockchain platform works well in the coffee industry

The Blockchain platform was created by the Coffe Board of India. It is an organisation attached to the Indian Ministry of Trade and Industry and has made great progress in 6 months.

The platform was launched on March 28, 2019. Initially, however, it was received with moderate enthusiasm, with only 23 farmers registering at the beginning.

The situation changed at the beginning of the coffee season, when by the end of October this year 30,000 users were registered. This success is the result of an appeal to Indian coffee growers to use blockchain technology to negotiate more favourable prices for their product.

Blockchain Ethereum provides security in conducting commercial transactions

The application and web portal was developed by Eka Software Solution. All stakeholders, growers, international exporters, producers can register on it and start commercial transactions. Importantly, the platform was based on the Ethereum blochain, which means that it is more difficult to falsify the data stored on it. For comparison, Bitcoin blockchain is based on tracking Bitcoins, while Ethereum blockchain is based on running program codes for any decentralized application. This solution is an additional protection. In addition, it provides greater readability in the supply chain and identification of platform participants.

The main objective of the platform was to remove dishonest intermediaries, to be able to conduct commercial transactions in real time and to negotiate fair prices for the goods sold by the farmers themselves.

Coffee from India

India has been growing and exporting coffee for almost 150 years. Coffee from India has specific characteristics. Its characteristics are influenced by natural and climatic conditions. Indian coffee is famous for its rich bouquet, intense notes of spices and spices. Indian coffee beans ripen longer because plantations are shaded by naturally occurring vegetation, while plantations in other parts of the world are directly exposed to sunlight. Another factor that influences the quality of the coffee beans is the ‘monsooning process’, which consists of subjecting the beans to the influence of the masses of humid and monsoon air.

The Indian government, aware of the value of its unique coffee, plans to train its employees from the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry in the certification of coffee quality. This will certainly have a positive impact on the demand for Indian coffee.

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