Blockchain is getting wider and wider. This time it can contribute to the unification of the ticketing market or eliminate ticket counterfeiting at the European Football Championship 2020.

Stockpiled ticketing

Digital tokens are a solution that big business is watching carefully and starting to implement at a dizzying pace. Loyalty programs that have been in place for many years do not offer such opportunities as tokens or digital currencies on a comprehensive blockchain network with smart Ethereum contracts.

The new year will bring us an experiment with this. The AlphaWallet cryptographic project has partnered with UEFA Euro 2020 to handle the sale of over 20,000 VIP tickets with blockchain.

Friedrich Hayek, Nobel Prize winner of the 20th century, grandfather of Bitcoin and crypto?

A few days ago, Digital Journal conducted an interview with Victor Zhang – the founder and CEO of AlphaWallet, in which he said a little more about this cooperation.

The partnership was already launched in October with the Shanghai cell of the UEFA sales network, which serves citizens of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taipei. At the time, it was confirmed that more than 20,000 VIP tickets for UEFA Euro 2020 will be stocked.

Basically, it is the UEFA Exclusive Sales Agent that provides the funds, tickets and trust anchor, we provide the technology.

Interestingly, last year AlphaWallet already cooperated with the Shanghai agent on the occasion of the World Cup 2018. At that time, the cooperation also concerned ticketing solutions.

Tickets for UEFA Euro 2020

As you know, three weeks ago, ticket sales for the upcoming European Football Championship started and the total number of tickets available is 3 million. Twenty thousand is not much, although it may bring crypto technology closer to UEFA’s Far East fans.

Importantly, the blockchain tickets offered by Zhang and AlphaWallet can be verified without connecting to the UEFA ticketing system. Security is ensured by the blockchain Ethereum, on which UEFA VIP ticket tokens will operate.

Unicorns on the cryptocurrencies market

Such a solution is to eliminate from official sales the “second hand” market, where there are cases of fraud and forgery. Instead, there will be an open market, accessible to everyone, which will be regulated by smart contracts. It is the organizer who defines the rules of functioning of the contracts.

Cooperation will result in full integration. Fans and users will not be closed on one platform. “No more paper, no more registration and logging in. No more copy/paste. Each ticket is an open API in the hands of the user,” says Zhang. And anyone can buy tickets when they want to. “No more fake tickets.”

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