We must be aware that blockchain.com is both the first and the largest crypto company on the market based in England. This company has set up a payment gateway for users to deposit and withdraw British pounds (GBP) through a much faster payment service in the UK. These are called FPS. This is how British users can now move from setting up an account to buying cryptocurrencies item in less than five minutes.

Blockchain Exchange users can now also deposit, withdraw and also use GBP to buy Ether (ETH) and bitcoins (BTC). Interestingly, there will soon be many more cryptocurrencies available.

Blockchain.com and Brexit

The company sees in its brand new initiative as a great idea to launch a market in its country. What’s more, it is also counting on the increased involvement of British users, as Brexit is approaching in great steps. This includes a record number of deposits from British customers.

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It turns out that the roots of blockchain.com in the UK already date back to the very beginning of the small apartment in York. This is what the co-founder and CEO Peter Smith says. As the country, which for many is called home for almost a decade, is undergoing significant changes, it is necessary to provide all the British people – friends and families, compatriots and co-workers – with completely new options to isolate their financial future from the political conflicts that have definitely destabilized the country’s economy.

The crypto exchange called blockchain.com was built exactly a few years ago. Today it boasts more than 44 million portfolios in the blockchain network and is the most trusted place to trade and buy cryptocurrencies. It handles deposits and withdrawals in pounds, euro and US dollars. It is very interesting that it is available in exactly 190 countries.

Brexit and cryptocurrencies

It’s not out of the question that one of the very effects of Brexit will be a big leap in popularity in the UK. This was already mentioned a few months ago, when BTC started to grow strongly in spring and also this summer.

Five unknown facts about Bitcoin

Today, all digital exchange rate jumps have slowed down considerably. We have been observing a real downward trend lately. But now the situation itself has calmed down considerably. Any action taken by blockchain.com may be a symptom that this company is preparing for a completely new wave of growth, and perhaps also a bubble, which may be the result of all the macroeconomic and geopolitical unrest that has plagued our world in recent times. We will see how it will all work out and how it will look right after Brexit. We are extremely interested in this topic.

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