Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Have you ever wondered who has the most Bitcoins in their wallet? In this article I will introduce you to the 10 owners of crypto wallets on which “lie” thousands of Bitcoins.

The U.Today portal has analyzed a list of the wealthiest Bitcoin portfolios. This is what they found out about the owners of the 10 richest of them.

Crypto cantors and stock exchanges the richest!

Probably nobody who follows the world of crypto at least a little bit , it is not surprising that cantors and exchanges are in possession of the largest number of Bitcoin. At the top of the list of “Bitcoin whales” is the address of the “cold wallet” of the Bittrex exchange. The amount of Bitcoin accumulated on this wallet is 122 805 BTC which is equivalent to $774 304 306,00 USD (depending on the BTC exchange rate this data may change).

The second place is occupied by the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange with a portfolio of 108,035 BTC, worth $681,175,588.00 USD. Huobi has 5 wallet addresses in its 100 richest Bitcoin addresses. The above mentioned wallet is one of them.

The last place on the podium fell to the portfolio of the most popular cryptocurrency stock exchange- Binance. This stock exchange accumulated on its address a considerable amount of BTC in the amount of 107 432 BTC, with the total value of $677 375 884.00 USD

Interestingly, the sixth address on the list also belongs to Binance.
Binance has a total of 188,311 BTC, or $1.138 billion.

Just behind the podium on the 4th place was a wallet belonging to the English stock exchange Bitstamp. The last crypto exchange located in the 10 richest is Bitfinex.

Mysterious “Bitcoin whale”

While the identities of the holders of the 4 richest Bitcoin portfolios are well known to us, the holder of the 5th largest Bitcoin portfolio remains anonymous. The mysterious whale first appeared on the horizon in July 2018. The last recorded transaction on his portfolio took place on 1 April 2019. Unofficially in the world of cryptocurrencies is said that the address of the portfolio belongs to a mysterious Asian billionaire. In his account he collected 85 947 BTC which translates into the equivalent of $541 911 568,00 USD.

The remaining 2 addresses of the portfolios in the top ten belong to the so-called “bitcoin zombies”, because in the last 18 months no outgoing transactions have been detected on these addresses. The last registered outgoing transaction was registered in 2015 and belonged to the address occupying the 9th place on the list.

If you want to check which place your Bitcoin wallet address takes, you can type in google: a list of the richest Bitcoin wallets. Be sure to write which place you are taking in the comments!

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