An anonymous person has submitted a petition to the Unicode consortium, the official symbol management body in the world, to add the Bitcoin digital currency sign to the list of currency symbols as an emoticon. Although the petition has not yet been launched, many members of the crypto community claim that it could lead to a positive debate on the subject.

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Bitcoin in Unicode

While many companies are working hard to solve the problem of cryptocurrencies adoption (mainly to improve network scalability), some believe that talking about the presence of the Bitcoin symbol in Unicode as an emoticon could help a lot in this regard.

An anonymous person therefore came up with a petition on to place the BTC symbol in Unicode.

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Many members of the cryptic community praised this idea, saying that ₿ is too niche at present.

Emoji will not solve Bitcoin’s problems, but this is a good start

“There is a big difference between inserting a character with alto codes and choosing emotions,” wrote one of Reddit’s users.

Another important issue that should be mentioned is that so-called “emoji” are not limited to text messages only. The ability to add the emotions of the world’s largest cryptographer to platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can give the whole industry more legitimacy. Similarly, the widespread use of emoticon in messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Viber can also help spread the word about Bitcoin.

This was the case for a number of other emotions that were approved in 2019. Earlier this year, the Unicode consortium approved several new symbols focusing on the “human representation” to remove stigma in disabled people.

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Since none of these emotions have actually improved the situation of people living with disabilities, Bitcoin’s emotions will not make it the currency immediately accepted worldwide. However, this has the potential to improve the recognition of the symbol and make average internet users no longer fear digital currencies.

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