The Simpsons did it again! Yeah, the popular adult cartoon made the social media go bust again. But this time it’s definitely positive. It turns out that the creators of the top series predict that crypto and blockchain will gain in popularity.

Will the Simpsons pay at BTC?

In the last episode of the series Lisa Simpson learns the rules of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She’s helped by this video, featuring Jim Parsons from “The Big Jump Theory”. It is him who, in collaboration with the talking and dancing book, explains the intricacies of new technology.

“Every day I’m getting closer to becoming the money of the future. Not in your wallet, but in your computer!”

– a self-confident settlement book sings, which is supposed to be a representation of the chain of blocks here.

 A series that predicts the future

The Simpson crypto support should be welcomed by the decentralised technology community. The Altcoin Daily account on Twitter commented on the new episode:

“The Simpsons did it! The [idea] crypto was explained to Lisa by the great Jim Parsons in the [new episode] #TheSimpsons! It’s future money!”

It is worth mentioning that there are conspiracy theories circulating on the web that the “Simpsons”… predict the future. Anyway, one of the episodes of the series from a decade ago featured the figure of Donald Trump (then “only” a well-known businessman and TV showman), who was presented as the president of the USA. In the episode “Bart to the Future” Lisa Simson, who assumed power in the country, talked to her colleagues about the debt that President Trump made during his presidency.

In a 1998 episode, two well-known Hollywood producers wanted to make a film based on Homer Simpson’s idea. The producer was supposed to be Fox 20th Century, which was already Disney’s in Bart and Lisa’s world.

In another episode from 1998… Homer stood in front of the board with a pattern which, after being written down, surprisingly accurately indicated the mass of the Higgs boson. This is all the more strange because it was not until 14 years later that the mass was calculated by scientists.

So will it be the same with digital currencies and in a few years’ time we will all be paying with them?

Travon Temple
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