Today is the end of 2019. It is a great time to think about what awaits us in the next twelve months. So what will 2020 be like? That’s about to happen.

Bitcoin price

How much will Bitcoin cost per year? A man named Tim Draper thinks it could be as much as $250,000. Of course, this cryptic has already surprised us many times. But on the other hand, the digital currency market is changing and maturing. It’s no longer the same medicine as in 2017.

DAI first stablecoin supported by Coinbase card

The experts from Blockchain Capital are more conservative. They believe that BTC will certainly exceed $20,000 in 2020.

But all of them are outbid by John McAfee, who bet a million dollars for one BTC. He has his own private business. If this doesn’t work out, he even promised himself a natural deal. – Why is Bitcoin losing and gaining in value? How about 2020?


We will certainly be watching the development of further blockchain in very different areas of the economy.

You can also count on the development of Ethereum itself. All thanks to smart contracts. A special key to success may be the use of this technology in the entertainment industry.

But that’s not all. The idea of a decentralised network will also take on concrete form. For the first time in the history of technology, Jack Dorsey can play an important role in this process. He recently announced that he is building a Bluesky team. His task will be to find a decentralized protocol for social media.

Cryptocurrencies will return to favor, according to analysts from Deutsche Bank.


Blockchain Capital, on the other hand, predicts that no Tier 1 network to be launched in 2020 will be in the top ten in terms of market capitalization. Sparta Black expects BAT and SNX to increase their market shares next year, but NEO, DOGE and ICX will lose their positions. Gate Cohen expects the Tether to be the third largest digital asset in terms of market capitalization alone.


It’s worth bending over the stablecoins on this occasion. In 2020, LibraCoin will see daylight from Facebook. This project is surely up the hill, like no other project yet. Officials and politicians from the USA and the European Union want to fight against it. There is nothing to look for in Asia. Despite this, it is supposed to start in the middle of next year or so. The attacks from the power of the EU community and the Congress have not completely dimmed the enthusiasm of its creators. Even the second version of the project roadmap has just been published.

Will Private coins start to get hit hard?

Unfortunately, as this year has already shown, the so-called private coins may start to hit hard in the near future. The authorities certainly don’t like it when it allows something anonymous and not under their control. Already in 2019, we saw that a large part of the stock exchanges were forced to remove Monero from their platforms. This problem is likely to continue. So what fate awaits Beam, ZCash, Dash, Grin and the already mentioned Monero? It is also possible that the crypto will fall. But there is an alternative. They will become darkweb currencies.

Blockchain Crowdfunding

The year 2017 showed how much demand there is in the market for liberalised more crownfunding online collections. The ICO has failed, but already the IEO and STO seem to be very interesting models, which can also help to find financing for many innovative projects, for which a traditional stock exchange listing is completely out of reach. As far as the future of startups is concerned, this is the area.

This is why we believe that 2020 will really be the year of IEO or some other modification of this model.

The safety of our bitcoins


In fact, whatever happens in 2020 with altcoin, BTC and stablecoin, investors are already looking forward to the beginning of a whole new decade. This is a chance for a thick psychological dash. A kind of reboot as well as starting many things from scratch with even greater determination.

Travon Temple
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