Battle is a natural step towards a combination of cryptocurrencies and traditional banking. The aim of this project is to synthesize these two worlds on one platform. All this to make life in the digital economy even easier.

Bitwala offers several services that are known for traditional banking, such as EURO bank account or debit card. Besides, the account holder also has a BTC wallet and a BTC-EUR bilateral exchange office. Below we describe the platform, the registration process itself and how to take advantage of the welcome bonus for new users, which is currently €30.

Description of Bitwala

The Battle of Battle has set itself the goal of solving one of the most pressing industry problems – to fill the gap between the crypto-bankers themselves and traditional banking. Nowadays, the service itself is available only to citizens belonging to the European Union, and the opinion of the online community itself is really favourable to the project.

The very beginnings of Bitwala date back to 2014, when the platform dealt with transfers in BTC as well as the sale of pre-paid cards. In the first three years of its operation, the company has obtained considerable funding of more than 20 million Euros and has also processed transactions for a total of more than 65 million Euros.

In the next step, the company started working with the German corporation solarisBank to jointly provide cryptobanking and blockchain services. Currently, Bitwala is the result of many years of commitment to the cryptobanking market itself, as well as traditional banking.

Functionalities of the Bitwala platform

Bank account
This is a traditional account, with all the standard functionalities we can require from electronic banking. It can be used as the most common savings and settlement account in euro.

Bitcoin wallet
This is a wallet to store BTC, from which we can send and receive transfers or store our cryptovalutes. Additionally, Bitwala herself also claims that nobody has absolutely no access to the private keys of the wallet. A private key is generated when creating a wallet and can be easily used to restore it on a completely different device.

From the client’s panel itself on the desktop version or on the mobile version, the exchange office allows us to switch from BTC to EUR or vice versa with just one click.

Mobile application
Easy access to the functions listed above on our smartphone. Besides, we can use the mobile Bitwala application to operate the ETH/ wallet.

MasterCard payment card
It is directly linked to our Bitwala bank account, which is established in a German bank. It allows you to use any funds you wish, basically as with a traditional payment card.

Starting bonus

For completely new customers Bitwala offers a welcome bonus. This bonus is 30 euros. It will be granted to us within a maximum of 15 working days after verification of the account. After we receive the bonus, we can either withdraw it immediately to another account that is in EUR or convert it to BTC using the exchange office in the client’s panel and send it to your bitcoin wallet.

In order to receive the welcome bonus, you just need to register and verify your account correctly. This may take several minutes altogether. And what will we need for that?

– A document with a photo,

– a document with the address of residence, which we provided during registration.

Verification of Bitwala account

The account verification itself is the last stage of registration. It takes the most time because it is carried out by an external company IDnow, which actually verifies all users during a short video call via smartphone or webcam. The verification itself is already short. However, sometimes the connection with a given consultant can be much longer. We’ve already received a report from what after some readers that they’ve been waiting even 30 minutes for a call. Well, that’s the case, and as if I don’t have complete control over it.

Before the call, we need to have an ID card prepared, and if there is no address on it, then another document will confirm it to us. The consultants speak German or English. However, they are very patient and, if necessary, will demonstrate what we should do.

In our opinion, the show will be a face. Then the proof and waving it in front of the camera itself as the consultant will show us.

At the end, we will be sent a text message code, to the number we gave during registration, which should be entered in the appropriate place at the end of the conversation.

So what? Done. Our registration and verification is over. Within fifteen working days we will receive 30 euros to your account.

As we can see, it was not difficult at all. We went through the process with ease. We probably had no major problems.

Travon Temple
Witold Adruszczak CEO of the project for 3 years associated with the crypto industry. This year we have decided on an international project. Our goal is to build Bitcoin awareness in the world. Education and support for people with no experience in the new industry which are cryptocurrencies. If you need more support please write in the comment. For all I always try to answer questions under the articles.