For those interested in mining bitcoins, Antminer S9 can become a very profitable investment, and at least that’s what many people think. But is it really such a powerful mining tool?

In the following we will try to clarify a few things about the S9 Antimer, but we reserve that this is not an  advertisement, but only a subjective judgement of the tool.

What are ASICs?

ASICs are simply integrated chips, manufactured with a specific dedication. Their disadvantages are low versatility and high development cost, resulting in a high price of the chip with low production. The advantages in turn will be speed and reliability and energy efficiency. Because of the aforementioned, in some countries ASIC-based excavators have almost completely displaced the GPU mining industry from the market.

Cryptocurrencies mining tool – Antminer S9

The mixing ratio of Antiminer S9 is 12.93 TH/s – + 7%. To calculate the amount of BTC that can be generated, use a bitcoin mining calculator and use several of these devices to get the most reliable result. In our opinion, the Antminer S9 is one of the most efficient mining tool because it uses much less energy than others.

What is more cost-effective, one Altminer S9 or several S7s?

Here you have to calculate everything carefully. One Altminer S7 has a capacity of 33% of S9 and if you buy three used sevens, then the profitability will be close and the price of these three S7s will be much lower than the price of one new S9.

Is the purchase of an Altminer S9  the end of shopping ?

Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story, as the Altminer S9 needs an appropriate power supply to run. Appropriate, compatible with the excavator, and here the manufacturer recommends to buy an APW3-12-1600-B2 power supply. This is not a problem, because you can find the PSU on Amazon or in eBay service, but it will  increase initial costs by about 150 USD. Using another PSU will be justified only if it is compatible with an mining tool..

Excavator unevenly distributed

Bitmain, the excavator manufacturer Altminer S9, delivers them in batches and in one batch they are of uniform parameters. Unfortunately, it is different with different batches and it may turn out that the declared mixing speed – 12.93 TH/sec. drops to 11.85 TH/sec. Therefore, before you decide to buy an excavator, it is good to know the specificity of a given batch. The current S9 batch has such a low specificity and the more efficient models have been sold out. However, the price is lower than the price of the older one, so there is no fraud. In addition, Bitmain gives a 90-day warranty on its excavator if the tool was purchased from the manufacturer. However, the warranty has certain conditions.

A product that has been started up at a higher speed than recommended will not be covered by the warranty, and this may be the case if the wrong power supply is used. External influences such as moisture or lightning failure are also not covered by the warranty.

In conclusion:

  • advantages – high power and efficiency, high profitability;
  • minus – poor warranty.
Travon Temple
Witold Adruszczak CEO of the project for 3 years associated with the crypto industry. This year we have decided on an international project. Our goal is to build Bitcoin awareness in the world. Education and support for people with no experience in the new industry which are cryptocurrencies. If you need more support please write in the comment. For all I always try to answer questions under the articles.