An American businessman is once again killing the idea of cryptocurrencies, although today we celebrate the 11th anniversary of the publication of the manifesto of electronic cash P2P. Will the “prophecy” be fulfilled?

Bitcoin Obituary

The turn of October and November each year is a time when we celebrate the dead more or less. On Halloween, we have fun and then the next day we visit the graves of our loved ones. Then the celebrations and celebrations focus on the theme of death, and do you know how many times Bitcoin has already been killed?

The latest recorded funeral speech was delivered on 24 September by American businessman Jim Rogers to the bitcoin, or rather to all the cryptocurrencies. Asked during one of the Internet broadcasts what he thinks about crypto, he answered unequivocally:

All cryptocurrencies will disappear.

Jim’s words wrote bitcoin’s obituary for the 377th time, according to the page devoted exclusively to this issue – Bitcoin Obituary. Rogers killed the cryptocurrencies when bitcoin was valued at $8,500.

What is more, since 2017, according to statistics, there has been a significant downward trend in the number of published “kills” of bitcoin and crypto. In 2017 there were 124 such statements in the world, in 2018 the figure was only 93. In 2019, when there were only two months left until the end of the year, there were 39 such statements.

Is blockchain, cryptocurrencies and bitcoin a continuous experiment, or have they already taken root enough in the social consciousness to survive the test of time? I warmly invite you to take up this topic in your comments.

11 years of manifesto, prophecy, awards and Halloween effect

Another reason to celebrate, apart from the holidays of those who died by cryptorthusiasts, may also be the 11th anniversary of the publication of the manifesto of the electronic cash system P2P.

Satoshi Nakamoto did it on October 31, 2008, when the world economy based on the US dollar staggered in its foundations. Bitcoin was the answer. Unfortunately, the rulers managed to broadcast the stets, print out the right amount of cash in time, and we are still waiting for the collapse of the centralised system.

31 October is also the day on which it will turn out whether the “prophecy” popular on the Internet will be fulfilled, thus the BTC is to achieve a valuation of about 16,000 dollars.

If you have not had enough, you can watch Twitter. Under the phrase “Bitcoin Halloween” you will find a lot of contests on the occasion of which you can win cryptocurrencies. However, I recommend caution.

Is the feast of the dead, Halloween, an important time for you? Share your stories about this holiday and the bitcoin in the comments. Come on in!

Travon Temple
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